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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Return of the GWYNNsday!

I only have a couple of things that I was trying to do weekly on the blog, but I've been slacking on them both.  Time to get back on track with the last GWYNNsday before school starts.  Today I'll be at a training with other teachers for my grade level, but this time next week, I'll have a room full of 5th graders.  Bummed that summer is ending, but getting stoked to get things rolling at school.  Players gotta play, teachers gotta teach.

Today's card was chosen from 1987 Fleer because it highlights Tony's abilities with the glove, not just the bat.  Dude was a five time Gold Glove winner.  I also liked it because it mentions that it's not the "Rawlings" Gold Glove, it was the "Sports Writers Fielding Award".

There's been a lot of talk the past few days about some of the players who will qualify for the Hall of Fame in the coming year, many who were unpopular with sportswriters (as well as fans) for a number of reasons, chief among them steroids.

It's too bad that the decision won't be as easy as it was in 2007.  With Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn on the ballot for the first time, they were elected with 98.53% and 97.61% of the votes, respectively.  Ripken's percentage was high enough for 3rd all time, only behind Tom Seaver (98.84%) and Nolan Ryan (98.79%).  Gwynn's count was the 7th highest ever.

I guess there were some tough decisions on that ballot, though.  Future HOF'er (class of '08) Goose Gossage fell just short of the 75% requisite with 71.2%, and Jim Rice (inducted in 2009) got 63.5% of the vote.  Other notable players on the 2007 ballot:
* Andre Dawson - 56.7% (elected in 2010, 9th year of eligibility)
* Bert Blyleven - 47.7% (elected in 2011, 14th year of eligibility)
* Lee Smith - 39.8% (217 votes)
* Jack Morris - 37.1% (202 votes)
* Mark McGwire - 23.5% (128 votes)
* Steve Garvey - 21.1% (115 votes)
* Dale Murphy - 9.2% (50 votes)
* Ken Caminiti - .4% (2 votes)
* Wally Joyner - 0%

What's more surprising?  That two people thought that Ken Caminiti belonged in the Hall of Fame, or that 13 people didn't think that Tony did?

Personally, I'd like to sit down with that bakers dozen of morons and watch some video tape.  Maybe bring in John Smoltz and have him share his thoughts on the matter.

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