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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Re-Pack "Hits"

So I was at Target yesterday, and amongst the rubble of packs in the card aisle, I noticed a few rack packs of "re-packaged" cards.  It was 100 for I think four bucks, and it promised three "vintage" cards.  Being sick of only getting four or six cards in a pack (you know who I'm talking about Ginter and Chrome), I figured that out of 100 cards, I'd have to get a few Padres, right?

Well, few was the operative word, but they were all keepers, which was nice (no Toliver's here).

I know that you won't find Benito on the list of my "player collections", but it might as well be.  He has some great cards (at least as a Padre, and that's all that really matters), and this is no exception.  I like the design of most of '92 Score, and seeing his mask hovering in the air behind him looks cool.

These were the only other Padres cards out of the 100 that I got.  One happened to be one of the vintage "hits"!  With the camera on the fritz still, all these images are off the web, so imagine a few more creases on the left corners (top and bottom) and that's what I'm left with.  Not great condition, but still pretty cool to find in a re-pack.  

I like lots of "art" cards (which may explain my soft spot for this year's Triple Play set), and while Donruss' "Diamond Kings" are cool, the checklists from 1991 Upper Deck are probably the best of the 90s.  This Fisk is a great looking card, and makes it into the miscellaneous binder.

Believe it or not, I even got an autographed card in the pack!  I was surprised to get it, but I imagine I'd be hard pressed to find anybody who has heard of him.  Turns out he was a Mariners and Reds prospect who pitched in 13 games in the majors.  According to baseball-reference.com, he last pitched with the once-unheard-of-now-famous Sugarland Skeeters (anyone see Roger Clemens' 3 1/3 innings?), but according to the team website, isn't on the roster anymore.  This is up for grabs.

I also got some cool/fun cards that will make it into trade packages, and looking through them was fun enough to be worth the bucks.  I also got an early 90s Dustin Hermanson card that is actually a minor league card.  I figure that a minor league card only counts as half a Padre card, and the vintage card is only 25% Padre, so I really only got 1.75 Padre cards out of the whole pack.  Not a great ratio, but still fun.  And fun is good.


  1. Wow pretty good finding an autograph, any autograph, in one of those repacks. Nice pull!

  2. These repack packs I've found are great if you're a Padres, A's, Expos or White Sox fan. I think I've pulled more Padres out of these than any other team.

    1. You're spot on with the A's and Expos, but the Padres always seem to elude me! You must be taking them all!

  3. I keep meaning to buy one of these, but never manage to pull the trigger. I think I might get a pack of the football version. I've had pretty good luck with those, including a Thurman Thomas '89 Topps rookie in one I purchased last year.

  4. I've got to pull the trigger on a repack one of these days.