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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Massive Trade Update Post

When I got back from vacation, I had a mailbox full of stuff.  Pretty out of control.

I don't want to string together a bunch of trade posts like I've done in the past, because there's other stuff that I want to post about on here.  So, here's the "greatest hits" from a bunch of trades that I've pulled off.  A few of you haven't gotten the return package from me, but I promise it's on the way, I dropped them off on Thursday.  Sorry for the delay.

Since my camera isn't working, I'm only able to post pictures of the cards I got that I could also find images of online, so there was some great stuff that didn't make it on to here.

First up, my buddy Mark from This Way to the Clubhouse

Every time I see the gold cards from 2012 Topps, I always think of how much more awesome the diamond parallels from 2011 Topps were.  Still, can't go wrong with a gold Padre, even one on the DL.

 Also sent a few Friars from the '92 Pinnacle set, which I've decided is my favorite set of all time.  Yep.  All time.  And, can't go wrong with some Padres minor leaguers, especially some guys from the 90s that eventually made it to the majors.  He sent me a card of Frank Seminara on the Wichita Wranglers, but it is not the one pictured here.  I know, who knew there was more than one card of Seminara as a Wrangler?  He also sent a Dave Staton card (also as a Wrangler) and a Lance Painter card (as a Waterloo Diamond).  Always love stuff from the Clubhouse.

 Next up, some goodness from Matt at Once A Cub, a regular trading partner.

I'm a sucker for a sweet Griffey card, and this one from this year's Topps set is pretty sweet.  Love the die-cut.  Loving even more this Yonder Alonso "Gold Futures" card.  He was included in Series 1 as a Redleg, but he made it into this subset in Padre blue.

I had never seen the black parallels from 2011 Topps until this trade package.  They are awesome, even though Tejada was a lousy Padre.  I love all the art from Donruss' Diamond Kings, and this one especially.  Mr. Padre in brown and gold.  Can't go wrong with that.

I always look forward to cards from The Thin Gwynn, since he's one of the few other Padre collectors in the blogosphere.  He did not disappoint.
This is probably one of my favorite Gwynn cards of the moment.  Normally I don't like when somebody else is encroaching on Padre cardboard, but you could do much worse than sharing space with the Iron Man.  Love this.

Of all of the Padres that have been and ever will be Steve Finley is probably my favorite player.  Can't get enough Friar cards of his.  Gary Sheffield's was the first batting stance that I learned how to mimic.  I used to goof around with it when playing stickball with a couple of neighborhood kids.  Yeah, we didn't have a bat.  Yes, I grew up in the 90s and not the 50s.

He also sent me a ton of catcher cards.  Which are cool.  Kurt Suzuki is a catcher that I actually like and follow, and he has some cool cards out there.  I was surprised to see him get traded to the Nats after the trade deadline.  Apparently Oakland is confident that somebody named Derek Norris and his .206 batting average will help take them to the playoffs past the Angels.  Okay, so I guess further research shows that Zuk was only batting .218 himself.  Anyways, I always try to root for the CSUF grads.  Go Titans!

I got these and many other cards from Thoughts and Sox.  I got two of the Everth cards, one numbered to 599, the other numbered to 99.  Pretty sweet.  At the beginning of the year, I was ready to give up on the E-Cab experiment, but he seems to be doing pretty well this year.  He also sent some Gwynns, including this from '92 Score.  Probably my favorite year of Score.

For the first time, I made a trade with Dustin, a Vealtone.  I knew I was in for a treat when the first card I saw was this one, accompanied with a note saying (paraphrasing, can't find the actual note at the moment) "I hope you like these cards as much as Oscar likes his bat".

Well, I'm not sure about Oscar's romantic/creepy feelings for his bat, but I'll just say that these cards were awesome.

Any package with Cianfrocco's in it is already great in my book.  The fact that a few of them were of his Padre days was even better.  Plus, '93 Upper Deck had some cool shots, and this is no exception.

Some more Gwynn's!  And not just of the Anthony variety!  Always had mixed feelings about Chris, seeing as how he spent so much time as a Dodger.  To be honest, as a kid, I thought that only horrible people rooted for the Dodgers (as well as most LA teams, like the Raiders, Lakers, and Trojans).  I remember my dad introducing me to a friend of his that was a Dodger fan and I was surprised that he didn't have devil horns and a pitchfork.  That's when I learned that only most Dodger fans are evil.

Last but not least a trade with the prestigious Nachos Grande.  He has some pretty extensive trade lists, so I hit him up for a bunch of stuff and sent him a few of my 2012 inserts.  He was gracious enough to allow for a little lopsidedness, to which I say thanks.
Currently the Padres best two pitchers, before they were Padres.  Richard is all that remains in San Diego from the Jake Peavy trade.  I think he's great, and would have more wins with... pretty much every other team.  Volquez?  Well, I heard that he had an attitude problem, and I can't say that I love the gold chains and "flat bill" (of his cap) look, but the dude can pitch pretty well, and he seems to have a good attitude so far, so he's a Padre and I love him.  And seriously, these are two really good looking cards.

Okay, I know that Trevor Hoffman isn't the greatest looking guy on planet Earth, but he doesn't look like this!  I really like sketch cards, but some of these look like middle school art projects gone... well, I wouldn't say "horribly" wrong, but "slightly" wrong seems to work.  They're not horrible, just slightly off.  Still a keeper, despite that non-Padre uniform.

Believe it or not, there were actually some PADRE cards in the lot as well.  Kevin Kouzmanoff is a favorite of mine, even though he's currently toiling away in the Royals farm system.  I don't get a lot of joy out of A-Gon cards like I might've earlier, but I like the image on this one.

Okay, props to anyone that made it down to the bottom of this post.  Thanks for all the great bloggers in the community who have been gracious enough to trade with me, I wish I could've devoted a separate post for each package, but technology and time get in the way.  All were really great trades (at least on my end) and I'm sorry if I didn't highlight them all as much as I have in the past.

Highlight of the night: Padres come from behind 7-1 to win 9-8 against the Pirates!  Headley goes yard for TWO homers and five RBI, and "The Little Ninja" Alexi Amarista gets a pair of RBIs as well to go along with a leadoff home run.  Hopefully the injury that Huston Street suffered on the last out of the game isn't serious, the dude has been CLUTCH for the Friars this year (0.75 ERA, .094 opponent batting average, 21 for 21 in save opportunities).

I'm rooting for the Pirates to represent small market clubs in the postseason this year, but hopefully they'll have some ground to make up after the Padres are done with them!


  1. Nicely done, sir! Looks like you've made out very well recently!

  2. Well, that's enough great trades to make any collector as happy as Oscar with his bat.