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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Trade with This Way To The Clubhouse

I follow a decent amount of blogs, most of which are visible on the right sidebar.  My favorite new blog is This Way To The Clubhouse (I say new, although it seems like mine is pretty new; two and a half months isn't long at all).  Anyways, Mark reached out to make a trade, which he told me was his first online trade.

I was stoked, especially since I knew I wouldn't have to hear "Sorry man, I just traded away all of my Padres" or "I dunno, dude, I burned all of my Padre cards because I figured that nobody in the entire world wanted them".

Well, I already showcased the handful of '77 Topps Padres that he sent in my last post, so I'll just highlight the cards he sent of the specific players that he collected.  He was actually able to send almost one of each of the players that I collect, with only a few exceptions...

First up, Archi Cianfrocco!  This is only the second trade package to include Archi (although I have another on in the works), and there's TWO of 'em!  It's (pronounced Ahr-kee), by the way.  One of my favorite Padres, hands down, but it's hard coming by Cianfrocco cards.

Can't have too many Finley's!  This was my 84th one, from the '93 Pinnacle set.  I love this Trevor Hoffman card, cards with kids in them are really cool, and were the topic of my second post.

You'd think that somebody who'd been in the majors for 13 years and was a two-time All-Star would have more cards out there.  Maybe they are out there somewhere, but I have gotten very few Darin Erstad cards in trade packages.  And they're not very cheap on eBay, either.  Of course, I don't really need to elaborate on why Cal Ripken is the man.  Good looking cards, both.

Last but not least, the Ryan Express.  The horizontal-ness reminds me of some custom cards made by another great blogger, Once A Cub.  I ripped a ton of these as a kid (I think they were the cheapest packs, so that's probably why I had so many of them), but I never got this one.  Glad to have it now.

When I was a kid, it seemed like there were cards that, regardless of what team/players you liked, you still wanted.  For example, my friends and I were always stoked to get Ken Griffey Jr. or Nolan Ryan cards.  We didn't follow the Rangers or Mariners, but those cards were still like gold.  Those were the two main ones, although Fred McGriff and Gary Sheffield were also big ones (but that was when they were both in SD, where we also lived, so that probably wasn't the same around the country).

Who's the "Ryan/Griffey Jr." equivalent nowadays?  Bryce Harper/Mike Trout?  Matt Kemp/Joey Votto?  Chase Headley/Clayton Richard?

Ok, maybe not that last one...

Anyways, thanks for the trade, Mark!  He sent me a bunch of Padres that get me closer to finishing my team sets, but I was really stoked to add so many to the PC binder.  Hopefully the ones I sent to him will find a good place in his collection as well.


  1. Yeah, I had to really scratch around to find the Erstad cards. He was a hitting machine back in 'nem days. By the way, I am *shocked* you didn't post about the over-sized Gossage card or the Kennedy pop-up. LOL.

    1. Spoiler alert!

      I'm heading out of town on Wednesday, and I'll be gone for a week and a half. My goal is not blog at all while on vacation, so I'm trying to schedule some posts while I'm gone, and those ones are getting their own post, since those are the first cards like that I've gotten. I guess I shoulda mentioned that there was more from this trade coming later!