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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trade with an Emerald City fan

Note:  This is the last installment of the four trade posts I had lined up before I left for vacation.

Another trade post!  Trevor Hoffman is stoked!

A while back, I sent Emerald City Diamond Gems a bunch of Mariners, and he was gracious enough to send me a bunch of Padres in return.  The Hoffman card above will be the newest one that I showcase, though, because he sent me a slew of awesome vintage cards.  And you know what that means...

more of that sweet brown and yellow!  Grubb had a 16 year career that started with five years in America's Finest City.  In 1974, he was selected to his first and only All-Star game.  Willie Davis does... not look young on this card.

How many catchers did the Padres need in 1976?  Kendall, Davis, and Hundley?  In '76, Fred Kendall played 146 games behind the plate, and Bob Davis made it into 51 games.  By 1976, Hundley had finished his one year tenure in San Diego and was back with the Cubbies.  He isn't related to currently-in-the-minors Padre backstop Nick Hundley, but is the father of former Met catcher Todd Hundley (EDIT: I originally mis-typed and wrote that none of the Hundleys were related, which is incorrect.  Thanks for the corrections in the comments!).  Apparently Hundley is the name to have if you want to be a catcher.

I didn't know that Oscar Gamble was a one-time Padre.  He was only in San Diego for a season.  He was signed as a free agent, and later dealt to the Rangers with Dave Roberts and cash for Kurt Bevacqua, Bill Fahey, and Mike Hargrove (who later managed the Mariners, Orioles, and Indians).
Mark Lee led the league in sweet mustache/sunglass combinations.

This is my first non-reprint version of Ozzie as a Padre.  It's very unevenly cut, but I think it adds to the sweetness of the card.  I dunno, I think Ozzie looked better in the yellow and brown than the red and white.  A non-biased opinion if ever there was one.

Thanks for the trade Mariner fan!  I actually have a few full pages of old '70s style Topps, something I didn't think I'd ever have without spending a good chunk of cash.  


  1. Actually, Randy is Todd Hundley's dad. Catching is in the blood!

  2. Just a quick correction...Randy Hundley is Todd's dad.

  3. Thanks guys! I knew that, I don't know why I wrote that they weren't related.