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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Trade with Cards on Cards

Cards on Cards sent me some Pads on cards in exchange for some cards of Cards.  The Cards cards were mostly older, 80s to 90s cards, with a few other cards of 2012 Cards.  I love turning cards I don't want into Padre cards, especially Cards cards.

Anyways, I'll stop saying the word "cards" and just show what I got.

A couple of cards from the "Invincible" brand.  I've never heard/seen these before, but I think they're related to the Pacific brand.  I've never been a big Pacific fan, but these look good.  Being fluent in Spanish, I like that the write ups on the back are bilingual.  The Sanders card is unique because that photo in the inset is printed on a clear surface, so the mirror image is also seen on the reverse.

Thought this would be appropriate, seeing as how the Pads' just completed a sweep of the D-Backs in Arizona.  Unfortunately, the season high win streak stopped last night at six.  Stupid Reds.  CRIME DOG!  The Home Run Champ!  Only two cards left to finish the '93 Upper Deck set...

I really liked Luddy when he was with the Redbirds.  I saw him rob a Padre once with a wall-banging catch at Petco Park.  Unfortunately, as a Padre, he was horrible.  However, I really like this card, both players pleading their case after a play at the plate.  I think Ludwick was safe, and the Giants suck.

When Kerry packaged these cards up, he had top loaders on either end of each stack, and in each top loader was a Cardinal.  I don't remember who the other three Cards were, but seeing how Marquis is now a Friar, this is one that I kept.  I don't know if his inclusion was intentional or not, but either way it worked out.

This was the highlight of the package by FAR.  Included with the cards was a tin with a picture of Tony in his backswing, admiring one of his 3,141 hits.  Inside of the tin was...

This.  Has anyone else ever seen a "Screen Plays" card?.  Well, if you haven't, think of your basic "3D" card.  Then think of the best 3D card you've ever seen.  Then imagine a 3D card that is ten times cooler than that.  That is almost what this card is like, but still not as awesome.  Instead of having two or three different "images", there are like, ten.  It's supposed to be like a mini-movie clip.  I don't know how it's done, but I know that I love it.

Could it get any better?  Oh yeah, I finally finished the 2011 Padres Topps team set!  Some of them are blue bordered, gold bordered, or cognac/diamond anniversary cards ( I don't need to have "one of each type of color" or have them be "all the same", just as long as there's one of each player).  But this is the first red bordered one that I've gotten.

Thought it would be appropriate to end on that card, seeing as how it's two guys who are congratulating each other on a job well done.  Plus, it's red, and this trade was done with a Cardinals' fan.

Thanks for the trade, Kerry!  High five, Qualls/Hundley style!

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