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Friday, July 6, 2012

Trade with Brad

Brad is a reader who contacted me to help out with my wantlist, specifically my list of eight cards that I still needed to finish the 2012 Archives '71-style set.  I sent him a few inserts from the Archives set (and some other stuff, I think), and he sent me...

these cards, and the final six others to finish the mini-set!  

MISSION COMPLETE!  Hunter Pence is showing you the pose I made after sliding those cards into their place in the binder.

He also sent over a couple of Gypsy Queen cards that I had on the want list.  I'm not collecting that set, but there are a few players that I wouldn't mind having from this set.  Kurt Suzuki and I went to Cal State Fullerton (Orange County, CA) at the same time, although I never saw him play (only went there my freshman year, didn't catch any games).  Because of this (and the fact that he's a catcher), he's one of the few non-Padres that I look for in newer sets.

He also sent over a few Padres to fatten up the package.  It's cool to have completed that '71 style set, even if it took a little longer than I thought it would (for only 50 cards).  Glad to have readers that want to trade!

Thanks for reading.  Don't forget to join the All-Star contest that's going on a few posts before this one.


  1. Thanks for the trade, gets me closer to the master set!

  2. Nice job! The '71 design is my favorite of the Archives set, also.