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Monday, July 16, 2012

Trade with $30/Week

Note:  This is the third of four consecutive days of trade posts.  It's vacation time...

Did you know that it's possible to be a team collector, and still want to collect other cards?  Well it's true. Just check out my want list.  Despite saying something like "all the Padres cards you have", there are also other cards that I'm interested in.  Robert, from $30 A Week Habit, already knows this, as evidenced by this package he sent me.

Okay, so one of these guys is a former Padre.  Still counts.  Glad to see that Jake is having a great year for the South Side.  I have been a semi-Prado fan for a while.  He's a good player, but it's hard for me to openly root for a Brave.  Once I pulled a bat relic from a pack of 2012 Topps, though, I've started picking up some of his cards.

Of course, it wouldn't be a trade package without some Padres.  Here's one that was on the want list, now erased.  Luebke was one of the few Padres included in multiple sets this year (Bowman, Gypsy Queen, Series 2), it's a bummer to see him on the shelf for the year with elbow problems.

Thanks for the trade, Robert!  Good luck to the Blue Jays this year.  Thankfully the Padres aren't in the AL East, that's a rough spot.  Although... we're no longer in the NL West cellar!  Stoked that we were able to take the first series of the second half, and against the Dodgers, no less!

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