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Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Card Is Misleading

Here's another card I got off listia.com.  1993 Score Select.  It cost 100 credits, which is more than I usually "pay" for cards there, but I figured it's a card of a player that I collect that I don't have yet, why not pick it up?

Well, the card wasn't in great shape, but that's not the first thing I noticed when I glanced at this card...

The front proclaims that Finley is the "1992 National League Triples Leader".  Pretty cool, right?  Congrats Steve!

On the back, however, you see that he had 13, which led almost everybody in the league, but Neon Deion Sanders had 14.

Why didn't Sanders get his due?  What's the conspiracy?  This seems like too big of a mistake to be accidental, there must be a reason...

EDIT:  There is a reason... As pointed out by BA Benny in the comments below, there were cards for ALL of the leaders in each category, not (as I interpreted it) ONE of the leaders in each category.  I guess I shoulda known...

Not that I'm complaining about another Finley card to collect, it just seems strange.  On a side note, Steve would go on to lead the National League in triples in 1993 with... 13.  He'd also lead the league in three-baggers in 2003, with a paltry 10.

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  1. I believe that card was part of a 90 card insert set that covered several different stats like triples, runs scored, on base %, etc. There should be a card for each player listed on the back so there would be 10 different player cards for the triples catagory and so on for other catagories. If you look close it does say leaders.