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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Six in a Row!

Okay, so I just completed a trade with Mark from This Way To The Clubhouse, and I was excited because he sent me a bunch of '77 Topps Padres, and I was going to post seven of them (I can't remember which ones he sent and which ones I already had, but I'd say most of them are from him) in a row to commemorate the Padres seven game winning streak.

Unfortunately, the mere thought of a post like that jinxed the Friars, who got shutout at home by the Reds, 6-0.

Oh well, can't win 'em all.  Or in the Padres case, can't win that many.  However, they are out of the NL West cellar, so I'll take my silver linings when I can get them.

I considered posting six '86 Topps Padres in a row, since that phrase seems to roll off the tongue better, but since these are a little cooler (you know my fondness for the brown and yellow unis), here they go!

Don't feel like adding a whole lot more to this post (although later I'll show the rest of the goods that Mark sent over), because sometimes, it's just nice to look at pictures instead of reading words.  Although I will say that Willie Davis was Tony Gwynn's idol.  Since Gwynn grew up a Dodgers fan (ugh), I never thought that he played for the Padres.  He did in 1976, but not in '77, when these cards came out; he was in Japan, playing for the Chunichi Dragons, and later for the Crown Lighter Lions.

And there's a joke about fancy "Rich Folk(ers)" somewhere in there, but my brain isn't coming up with it.


  1. The Alan Foster card really illustrates how sweet those 1970's Padres unis were. Look at that jersey...they don't make 'em like that anymore!

    1. I'm glad I clicked your name since you have a new blog. Nice!

      I love clicking commenter's names and finding they have a blog unbeknownst to me.

      Your poll is tricky for me. The '88 set has the classic front while the '89 set has dat back. Tough desicion. I went '88.

  2. That is the one set of cards that perfectly matches your blog.