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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pack Report: Card Shop Pickups

The most "local" card shop to me is about a 40 minute drive from my house.  Not really what I would call "local", but it's probably a good thing and a bad thing that it's a drive.  Far enough away that I don't go very often (only my second time there), but also, who wants to drive that far for small pieces of cardboard (if there was another option)?

Anyways, it's not that great of a shop.  Seems like it's mostly geared towards comic books, and the majority of the cards are football.  But I was able to make do and came away with some good pickups.

First off: the packs.  Not having been to a card shop in 15 years, I don't really know how much packs of 90s cards should go for.  I know that the more recent cards at this shop were super expensive (over six bucks for a pack of '12 Gypsy Queen), but even some of the older cards seemed pricey.  Anyways, I found four of the cheapest packs I could find (all under $2.25) and got two of each.

* 2000 Fleer Impact
* 1994 Score
* 1992 Studio
* 1986 Topps

First up: 2000 Fleer Impact.  Does anybody have any of these cards?  Well, I don't want to be a downer or a whiner, but I'll just say that these were pretty lousy cards.  I usually really like Fleer, but these didn't do it for me.  I'm not even going to post anything else about them.

Next up: 1994 Score.  These were the second cheapest ones there, and they're not too bad.  Ended up keeping almost half of the ones I pulled, including these ones.

Two Padres, one current (in 1994) and another former.  Did you know that Dave Winfield is right behind Tony Gwynn on the all-time hits list?  Only 31 hits behind Tony's 3,141 (ranked 19th and 20th).

I got excited at first and thought that this was a Chipper rookie card, but it's a "Rookie Prospects" card.  Mark McLemore still thinks it looks good.

Batting third: 1992 Studio.  As a kid, I thought these were super lame, since the "action shots" are in the background, I thought these looked like lame school pictures.  I kinda changed my mind about them, although seeing a bunch of them together made me kind of question the decision to buy them.  Still some decent ones here.

 Once again, a current (in 1992) and one-time Padre.  As much as I like Fred, this is a pretty cheesy looking card.  Maddux avoids looking cheesy, but still not great.  Check out the Padres logo in the background.

Who doesn't like Jim Abbott cards?  This one would've been the highlight of the two packs, except for... the Jose Lind card with a sword!!!  Seriously?  As a kid, it seemed like I was always pulling Jose Lind cards, and it drove me nuts.  If they were all as sweet as this one, I would've been okay with it.

Finally: 1986 Topps.  I saw that these were only a dollar, and after thinking about a poll on a blog, I picked a few up.  Got two Padres, one that I needed (Time Flannery) and one that I didn't (Lance McCullers).  But my favorites were some non-Padres.

A couple of catchers for the catcher binder.  I was surprised by the Diaz card, especially.  That's an AWESOME shot.  I wonder if it was difficult for Randy Hunt to wear glasses while he was catching.

WRAP UP: 8 packs, 112 cards = 24 cards to keep, 78 in the trade box, everything less than 12 bucks.

I don't usually like being so clinical about my card pickups, but with eight packs of different cards, I thought it was okay.  All in all, a pretty successful run.

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