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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm a Winner

A while back, I was the winner of a contest at Bass on Balls.  If you haven't checked out Well, the second runner up, which was set to get me a "mystery prize".  I was way stoked, but I kept waiting for a package to come in with the name "Will" or a return address from NY, but it never happened.

Well, yesterday, as I was going through my e-mails, I found out that Will actually had sent me the package.  He had just put his last name on the return address instead of his first name, which was way more than my feeble mind could process.  I also forgot that if there is at least one Padre fan in Texas, there's probably Yankee fans located outside of New York.  Silly me.

Anyways, here is a sampling of some of the goods that Will sent from Old Dominion to the Lone Star state (I've already posted these before, but the credit is finally going to the rightful blogger, before I just said that it was either a mystery donator or somebody who I must've stiffed in a trade).

LOVE this Austin Hedges card!  It was the last one that I needed to complete the 2012 Bowman Padres set.  Saw him doing catching drills in Spring Training this year, and he seemed pretty good.

This is from last year's Bowman set, numbered 449/500.  Very nice!  The only card I have of Yonder's in a Padre uniform is from this year's Heritage set (props to Topps for including him, despite the obvious airbrushing job).  I was hoping he'd be in Series 2 in a Padres uni, but I guess since he was in Series 1 as a Redleg, they're waiting until the Update Series.  This card gives me a full binder page of Yonder cards!

One of the cards that got me closer to finishing the 1971 style mini-set of Archives.  I wish I was as stoked about all the players in that little set as I much as I was about Verlander (talking about you guys, Marcum, Lilly, and Walden).  Didn't do too well in the All-Star game, though.  Congrats to Chipper and the NL squad, especially Pads representative Huston Street, who... did nothing.

Some Friar Chrome-age!  I feel like I've been getting Kouzmanoff's in my last few trade packages, which is a good thing.  I've been trying to keep track of him since he was traded to the A's for Aaron Cunningham and Scott Hairston (both guys that I really liked, who are also no longer with the team).  I guess I've been slacking, since I just found out that he ended last year with the Rockies, and is currently in the minors, with the Royals AAA team.  Will be tough to break into the lineup in KC (assuming he even gets the call up), since Moustakas is pretty well anchored there.  That Koooz card is from the 2007 Heritage set, numbered 572/1952.

A couple of serial numbered cards, some chrome, some Padres, some Archives... all in all a pretty sweet prize package!  Pretty cool that you had these lying around for a lowly Padres fan..Thanks for the contest, Will!

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