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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cardboard Big & Small

I'm not sure what size your computer screen is, but this card may or may not be actual size.  I've never held one of these 1986 Donruss All-Star cards, but they are big, and pretty sweet.  I think they're 5" x 7".

Seeing a much larger cardboard version of Goose and his awesome mustache makes me think he would be a pretty good bare-knuckle brawler.  He's got the crazy look in his eye already, and we know he has to have some quick arms.  He was only with San Diego for four years, which was his third longest tenure of the nine teams he played for, racking up 83 of his 310 career saves.

I got this in a trade package from Mark at This Way To The Clubhouse.  He also sent over this...

This is a pop-up card from the same '86 Donruss set.  Good 'ol Terry Kennedy.  Does anybody else have any of these?  If you do, do you keep it flat, or have you popped it up for display?  I kinda want to pop it out, but I don't wanna mess it up.  I can be clumsy like that sometimes.

Since me just holding the cards makes it hard to see how big they are in comparison.  To the left is the Pads hat I got at Spring Training, and to the right is a Chase Headley 2011 Allen & Ginter mini.

I'm sure that most of you have seen these before, but since I was only two years old when these came out, and I was out of the hobby for a long time, I'm not very familiar with them, and I figure there might be someone else like me out there.  I've said before that I'm not a huge fan of different sized cards, due to the difficulty of storing/displaying them, etc.  But after thinking about it, if it involves the Padres, chances are, I'm going to like it.  These are all good in my book.

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  1. Due to my OCD tendencies, I'm definitely not a fan of different sized cards, either. I am happy they both featured Padres, thus allowing me to part company with them! :)