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Monday, July 16, 2012


Ok, I'm breaking my vow of "no-vacation blogging", but I figure that since there's no baseball cards involved, it doesn't count, right?

Anyways, when I saw this article on ESPN.com's front page, I had to post to mention it.  The title of the article says it all: 

Check it out.  If you've seen the blog at all, you already know where I stand, but am I alone?  Any other fans of the brown?

Also, in case you missed one of the awesomest endings to a baseball game in a long time (at least that involves the Padres), here's a link to the video from last Saturday's game against the Dodgers.  I figured it would be worth showing since the game was decided on a throw that went... wait for it... 

all the way to the backstop!

Go Padres!


  1. I want to race the Brown truck!........wait, that was something else. They should bring it back. With Kroc being the owner, the colors weren't coincidental. Back then it was about watching the Friars win and going to McD's afterwards for a couple of cheeseburgers.

  2. I think brown might cool, but I just think they should just keep it for when they use their throwback uniforms. Also, that Dodgers/Padres game was CRAZY!!!