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Friday, June 8, 2012

With the 41st Pick of the 2012 Draft...

The Houston Astros selected Lance McCullers, from Jesuit High in Tampa, Florida.  I was as surprised as you were when I found that out.

Wait... you weren't surprised?

Oh, you never even heard about it.

Well, it surprised me, because when I think of Lance McCullers, I think of...

This guy.

Okay, he kind of looks like a slimmer version of Jonah Hill in that 1986 Fleer card.  And I can just barely make out the lettering of the shirt that he's wearing underneath that mesh jersey.  Probably not the greatest looking card ever.

But it turns out, that Mr. McCullers has a son who is following in his footsteps.  How much in his footsteps?  He's also a pitcher.  How much more in his footsteps?  He was taken with the same pick as his dad (Lance Sr. was taken by the Phillies with the 41st pick of the 1982 draft).

Will he be better than his dad?  Well, Lance Sr. had a career 28-31 record in seven years (21-28 in four years with the Friars), a 3.25 ERA, and 442 strikeouts in 526 innings.  Congrats and good luck to the McCullers as he strikes out on his own!

On an unrelated note, I picked up a rack pack of 2012 Topps Series 2 a few days back.  I wasn't a huge fan of Series 1, so I don't know why I was expecting anything different.  It seemed like there were some big names in Series 1, but not so much in Series 2, taking a quick glance at the checklist.  I did pull a Huston Street card (lone Padre from the pack), which will make an appearance on the blog at some point (now that he's off the DL and ready to save games).

I put most of the pack on the trade list (check it out), but I'm still debating on this card...

Not crazy about the weird angles of this die-cut, but I think I still like it.  Very different from the rest of the set (although somewhat reminiscent of Upper Deck "X").  I'm not a huge Halladay fan, but the dude can pitch.  Props.

Looking around the web since posting this, found out that the assistant coach at Jesuit High, Florida,  is none other than...


Read a post at Wrigley Wax that made me think of this 1992 Topps Kids card.  I think it's the only card from this set that I still have.

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