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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trade with White Sox Cards

A few days before starting this blog, I was reading the White Sox Cards blog.  Being a semi-fan of the Sox from living on the South Side for a few years, I had a small handful of cards that Steve had on his want list.  I sent him about a dozen or so, and told him that I was interested in Padres cards as well as Paul Konerko cards.

I had almost totally forgotten about ever getting anything in return, since it had been a while since we had any contact.  I'm guessing he must've been stockpiling cards, because I finally got crushed by a tsunami of cardboard.

First off, a few Padres...
Good 'ol Eddie, one of my favorite mustachioed Friars (not including Rollie Fingers; I think he's in a league all his own).

Crime Dog, patrolling first base.  He's 6'3", but for some reason I always thought he was taller, like 6'6".  Maybe it's how he wears his hat.  Also sent me a few Gwynns.  This was one of my favorites, although I'm not sure it translates well in this photo.  From the 1994 Pinnacle set.

This was super intriguing to me.  The front of this card has no words except for "Zenith" in the top left corner.  The picture seems like an odd choice, but I think that's what makes it really unique.  The back shows a spray chart of where his hits went.  From 1997 Pinnacle.  I think Pinnacle has the sweetest cards.  

I wondered if a White Sox fan would be willing to part with any Paul Konerko cards.  I mean, he's the Captain of the team, and the only other team with a captain plays in New York and wears pinstripes.  I wasn't expecting a lot of Konerko's in the package.

These are all the Konerko's he sent:

A big stack of 'em!  They're already in my Player Collection binder, but I think there were about 30 in the stack.  BOOM!  That will fatten up the collection in a hurry!  Here were some of my faves.

For some reason I like the Goudey artwork.  Maybe it's because of the World Series patch on the sleeve. That was an awesome post-season.  Dude destroyed in the ALCS (winning the MVP of the series).  Maybe it's to justify my own receding hairline, but I kinda like that the picture of Paulie without his hat on.  I also kinda like the red border of the Opening Day card, even though it doesn't really go with the Sox uni's.

Playoff heroes right here.  While Paulie was my favorite player during the '05 playoffs, Jermaine was my brother's favorite player.  We bought matching green t-shirt jerseys, mine was #14, his was #23.  

The White Sox have surprised a lot of people this year, me included.  Paulie is putting up great numbers, their pitching has been decent (although Humber has struggled since throwing his perfecto), and Adam Dunn and Alex Rios have had bounce-back years.  Good luck to the White Sox, my team in the AL Central!  Thanks for the trade and so, so many Konerko's.

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  1. Glad you could use some of the cards. Great trade! Hopefully, we can trade again, once my Padres and Paulie collections have gained a little more girth. :-)