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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trade with Once A Cub

One of my favorite team-centered blogs is Once A Cub.  You should check it out, if you haven't already done so.  I contacted Matt because he had a few Gypsy Queen needs that I was actually able to meet, and I had just pulled a few 2012 Bowman Cubbies that I was looking to deal.  He has a want list that I know is at least updated every Wednesday, and I was able to find some things that interested me.

First off, some Gypsy Queen goodness.

Cal Ripken is one of my favorite non-Padres of all time.  Great player, great guy.  When I was nine, the Little League team I played for was the orange team.  My dad was the coach, so he let me choose the team name.  I chose the Orioles.  At the time, I was the shortstop, so I chose jersey number 8, the same as Cal.  That year, our regular catcher got injured, so my dad made me step in.  I hated it at first (I think I even remember crying because I loved pitching and playing short), but I ended up loving it, and playing there until high school.  Anyways, love this card, looks SO awesome.  Another Hall of Famer, Nolan Ryan.  He's getting a TON of love this year from Topps, and I think it's a good thing.  

He also sent over some older Padres as well...

One of the coolest play at the plate cards that I've seen featuring a Padre.  Unfortunately, I think this Diamondback was safe.  He also sent me a bunch of Padres from this set, which will get their time on the blog soon enough.

As a bonus, Matt sent me the 2012 Archives cards that he had from a break that he did last month.

There are more re-prints of Padres than there are Padres in the base set.  I think it'd be cool if Randy Jones got included in these reprints.  He was a two time All-Star and Cy Young award winner.  No Hall of Famer, but nothing to sneeze at.

All in all, a great trade from a great blogger!  Thanks Matt!  Hope you enjoy those Cubbies!

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  1. I didn't notice it before but on those last three cards, it looks like Smith and Winfield are checking something out/blowing kisses and clueless Tony is like huh?

    Thanks for the trade! My version of this post will be up soon, probably after I finish dissecting the Topps break.