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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trade with Fantastic Catch

So Weston from Fantastic Catch emailed me a while back, saying that he had a handful of things from my want list, and he was interested in a handful of things on my trade list.  It's nice when things work out like that.

Even though it meant having to deal with a Cardinals fan... I could tell it was worth it when the first item I saw was Padre related, but wasn't a baseball card.

Okay, so it's nothing fancy or anything, but I'll admit, whenever I see little trinkets like these in those little quarter machine-thingies, I'm always a little tempted.  As a kid, I tried it a few times, quickly giving up when I realized that I had no use a Raiders sticker or a rubber band with a Twins logo on it.

Short post today, only showing the best of the best.  Starting off with two Hall of Famers.  I love the "Ironman" foil on this Fleer Ultra card, even though it's on a card that came out after his retirement.  Hoffman isn't in The Hall yet, but that's only a matter of time.  I wonder how flexible pitchers in general are.  I don't think my legs were designed to go as high as that.

Does Paulie deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?  My gut says no, although my heart says "If Blyleven got in, how could you say no to Konerko?"  Dude's got 409 homers and 1,300 RBI, and not really showing signs of slowing down, even at 36.  Career average is only .283, though, with 2,106 hits.  For sure, the "Hall of Pretty Freakin' Good", at the very least.  Erstad is not a Cooperstown threat, but still one of my favorite players from seeing him in the Minors.

Highlight of the package?  Chris Young game jersey card.  Would've been cool to get one from the jersey that he's wearing in the inset, though.  Has anyone seen the camo jerseys used for relic cards?  Seems like they're normally pretty low key pieces, usually.  Not sure that I'd be able to tell the difference between this swatch and a swatch from Chris' basketball jersey from Princeton.  Glad to see CY off the DL and pitching for the Mets this year.

Always good to add cards to the PC!

Thanks for the trade, Weston.

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