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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trade with Dodgerbobble

I mentioned a few posts ago that I had made a sweet trade with Dodgerbobble that involved some pretty sweet cards.  These are some of them...

If only Cam's season was looking as good as this card.  A .223 average wasn't what the Pads were expecting from their leadoff man, and has been moved to the 2 spot, with similar results.  I've gotten the Gwynn card from a few other bloggers (I won't turn away Gywnn doubles, so it's all good), but it came in from Dodgerbobble first.  I would've preferred a later image of Tony, but the stance is still the same.

This is from the 1988 Topps set.  A not-so-great shot of two great players, but I like that they included two of the big guns for SD.  The '89 version of the Padres Leaders would feature a scene stealing cameo from future Hall of Famer Gary Carter, as discussed in this post.

I always like seeing cards of old prospects, because it seems like actual good players rarely were "touted prospects" (with due-respect to the current duo of Nationals players).  I especially like the "multi-player" rookie cards, because it's almost like saying "Hey, you're good enough to be on a card, but not quite good enough to be the only one on it."  Let's take a closer look at these guys...
* Beswick played his entire career with the Friars, all of 17 games, where he batted .050 (1 for 20).  
* Mura pitched for seven seasons (four with San Diego), and lead the NL in losses (14) in 1981.
* Perkins had the most successful career of this trio: seven years in the majors (five with the Friars and two with the Tribe), had a career average of .271, hitting as many homers as he did triples (8).

Yonder Alonso is probably my favorite current Padre.  Have you seen him swing?  So smooth.  This is a Mini from last year's Allen & Ginter.  Not a huge fan of Mini's, but when they're of players that I really like, there's always room for them.

Game used swatch AND an autograph?  Of a future Padres star and future World Series MVP?
Ok, so I might be getting ahead of myself on that last sentence (and by "might" I mean definitely), but Cashner can throw flames, and seems like he has the potential to be a shut down closer.  Mixed results so far, but this card is definitely a home run.

The picture of the sweet Will Venable autographed card that was signed at Padres Fan Fest this year is only two posts before this one, check it out if you'd like.  If you're ever wondering about trading with Dodgerbobble, I can't recommend it strongly enough.  Although, to tell the truth, every one of the trades that I've made with bloggers so far have been great.  Thanks guys!

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  1. Glad you like everything! I can't wait for our next trade!