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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trade with Brian

A reader by the name of Brian contacted me at the beginning of last week because he had a few cards that I had on the want list, and I had a few that he wanted.  Being a Brewers fan, I also sent Brian a bunch of Brew Crew cardboard as well.  I've now consolidated my miscellaneous early 80s/mid 90s cards into one very stuffed box.  Managed to get a pretty thick binder of Friars cards in the process as well.

Anyways, in the short note that Brian sent with the cards, at the end, he said that he found a few extra cards to throw in (that weren't on my "want list") that "aren't anything special, but they're Padres."

For some reason, that last phrase made me chuckle.  In reality, chunks of cardboard with pictures of dudes on them don't sound very special at all.  It's all about the value that we assign to it ourselves.  Here are some cards that I thought were special enough to give a home to:

This card is from 1989 Topps, and is too big to fit into a plastic page.  Larger than the rest, just like Tony.

For those of you who don't know, Anthony Keith was a great basketballer at SDSU before he decided on baseball.  I wonder if he was as surprised to be drafted as this cartoon shows.

Some 2012 Ranger love.  Derek Holland is by far my favorite Texas pitcher, and Colby Lewis is solid as well.  Yu Darvish is good, as long as he's not facing Will Venable.

Last but not least, another 2012 Archives card in the 1971 style.  Picked up two more on eBay for less than a quarter each.  When those come in, I will have 68% of that mini-set completed!  Getting closer!

Thanks for the trade, Brian!  Any other readers out there without blogs, feel free to email me if you want to set up a trade!

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  1. Love me some Derek Holland-former Lion from WSCC!