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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trade with ARPSmith

I can't remember how it was that I found out about Adam's blog, but I'm glad I did.  I think it might have been a contest or something.  I feel like I want to do that sometime, but not quite sure how I want to go about it.

Adam is super organized and is about as crazy for the Giants as I am for the Padres.  I was able to help him out with some of his Giants team sets, because he has a pretty easy to read want list.  I want to have something like that up here, but the ETA on that is probably a long ways off.

Anyways, here's some of the crazy cardboard that Adam sent my way...

Here is a trio of awesomeness.  I love most of the Pinnacle sets, and the 1997 set looks sharp.  He also sent me a Steve Finley from this set, which I already had.  Greg, Ken, Wally and Finley were the Padres that I remember the most as a kid (along with Gwynn and Hoffman, and Sterling Hitchcock).  In '97, I was in 7th grade, and they had finished my favorite season as a Padre fan ('96, winning the division by sweeping the Dodgers in the last series of the season).  In '98, they'd go further in the playoffs, eventually losing to the Yankees in the World Series.  These cards rock.

Oh Jake... Glad to see that he's having a good season with the White Sox.  It seems forever ago that he was with us.  It's weird seeing cards from the early 2000s, because I wasn't interested in cards during that time, so in my head, they just stopped making them.  Obviously, this was not the case.  I liked this one because it shows the skyline of America's Finest City.  So beautiful... so far away.

I have a book by Bill Center, a journalist for the San Diego Union Tribune.  It was written in 2006, and was supposed to be a type of all inclusive history of the Padres.  I got it for Christmas this year from my brother, and devoured it.  At the time it was written, Khalil was becoming a fan favorite for his long hair, gritty defense, and a little pop in his bat.  Center projected him to be on the "All-Time" Padre team, based on his performance up until that time.  I have a feeling that if there is a second edition to that book, that K.G. will be more of a footnote than a highlight.  I STILL LOVE YOU KHALIL!
Great card.

There was more that Adam included, and it was all in all a pretty good haul of Friars, as well as some 2012 cards that I was finally able to erase from the want list  Thanks for the trade, man!  Worst of luck today against my Padres!

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