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Friday, June 15, 2012


So I'm a little late reporting a story that I'm sure had everybody celebrating late into the evening:  The Padres had their first series sweep of the season!

Yep, it only took 'til the middle of June, but they finally swept, beating the Mariners in three games 5-4, 1-0, and 6-2.

The Padres have a pretty dismal record, but before their game against the A's tonight, they had a 5-1 interleague record (series against the M's and Halos).  Maybe our lives would be easier if we moved to the AL West.  What a cushy division.

Ok, that last statement isn't really true, but I'm so excited about the prospect of not being last place in the division (now 2 games behind the Rocks), that I decided to do a mini-giveaway of sorts, nothing major.

When I first got back into collecting around September/October of last year, I hoarded a lot of rookie cards from the packs I was ripping.  I thought that rookies might be something that I might like to add to my collection.  Turns out that I don't really care about them as much as I thought.  So now, they've got to go.

I have a stack of rookie cards, 48 from 2011 Topps and 22 from 2012 Topps that I'll be giving away to the first person who can name a player who is in this stack:

I'll give each entrant three guesses, go and post 'em in the comments section.  I know it's not the sweetest prize, but they're free, right?  I might ask what the winner's favorite team is and throw in some of those into the package as well, who knows?  My first giveaway/contest type-thing, not sure what to expect, but I have another one in the works that I think will be better if this one works out.  Maybe I should've put "GIVEAWAY" in big letters in the title to generate more interest, but I like the idea of the winner being somebody who actually follows the blog and reads down to the end.  Whatever.

Good luck!

GIVEAWAY UPDATE:  Okay, maybe I should've said the person who can guess the most players in the stack gets the cards, instead of the first, that way, it's not a "first come, first serve" type of thing, and people who are actually out enjoying their Friday night still have a shot.  However, even if I had done that, Matt from Tenets of Wilson still would've won, hitting on all three of his guesses!  What gives Matt?  Did you scout out the checklist first?  Or are you sick of those three guys as much as I am?  I swear I have pulled Montero, Chambers, and Pomeranz from every set multiple times this year!

Anyways, thanks for commenting!  Since only four people ventured guesses (and I just sent a fat envelope over to Mariner1), I'll be sending out some runner-up prizes to Royals and Randoms, who hit on two of his guesses (Beachy and Hosmer, and Arpsmith and Scorpio3060, who hit with one each (Belt and Hudson, respectively).  I already have their addresses, so you'll be getting an envelope in the mail soon, nothing major.  Scorpio3060, shoot me an email with your address and I'll send you some cards as well.

Apparently my cockiness jinxed the Padres, as they got beat handily by the A's, 10-2.


  1. Sweet, looks like I get to go first.

    Jesus Montero
    Adron Chambers
    Drew Pomeranz

    And congrats on the sweep.

    1. Actually, my blog is Tenets of Wilson :) And yes, it does seem like certain cards come up a lot for some reason, so I looked through the 2012 rookie cards until 3 of them hit me. I figured it was at least as good as a random guess. Oddly enough, Belt was going to be my next guess, too.

    2. Wow, that's embarrassing. Sorry about that! Who knew that Matt was such a common name?

      Fixed the post, and props to you! Send me your address and I'll get those out to you! Wilson dropping wisdom!

  2. Logan Forsythe
    Kyle Hudson
    Brad Brach

  3. Eric Hosmer
    Mike Moustakas
    Brandon Beachy

  4. Nothing against the Padres, but how pathetic are we to get swept? I must congratulate you and the Friars on the accomplishment. The Mariners are so up and down between getting perfecto'd to throwing a no-no.

    1. No offense taken, it is pretty rough getting swept by the Pads. The first three game win streak of the season. I offer my condolences to both of us.

  5. Brandon Belt
    Brett Pill
    Darren Ford

    Can you guess that my favorite team is the Giants?