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Friday, June 15, 2012

Pack Report: 1993 Topps

Last weekend, I was at a swap meet-type-thing in one of the towns near ours in central Texas.  I was trying to find something to surprise my wife with, since her birthday was a few weeks ago and we hadn't been able to do anything due to work and lack of funds.  Since she's always looking for things to decorate our daughter's room with, I thought a little rocking chair that was just our daughter's size would be perfect.  Apparently I overpaid, so there goes the "surprise".  I was, however, able to pick up some cards.

A vendor there was selling old packs of Topps and Fleer, at pretty decent prices, considering things I've seen on eBay (the most local card shop here is about 45 minutes away, and seems pretty pricey), so I picked up five bucks worth of packs; two 1993 Topps, for a buck each, and two 1984 Topps, for $1.50 each.

Here's what I pulled from the two packs of '93 Topps:

Pack 1:
425 - Joe Girardi / Rockies
746 - Lamarr Rogers & Mark Strittmatter / Rockies
606 - J. Owens / Rockies

What?  Rockies from the first three cards?  And one of the guys doesn't even have a first name?  Who cares about players on the expansion teams?  I don't want any of those...

Oh.  Unless it's this guy...

The trade that sent Gary Sheffield to the Marlins stung at first...
I think it all worked out in the end.

572 - TREVOR HOFFMAN! / Marlins
787 - Mike Matthews "Draft Pick" (Topps Gold) Indians
825 - Checklist 6 of 6
677 - Charlie Leibrandt / Braves
790 - George Bell / White Sox
622 - Ben Rivera / Phillies
598 - Rico Brogna / Tigers
562 - Bob Zupcic / Red Sox
490 - Omar Olivares / Cardinals
595 - Shawon Dunston / Cubs
783 - Heathcliff Slocumb / Cubs
709 - Jeff Juden / Astros

Not the greatest pack.  A little heavy on Rockies for my taste.  But that Trevor Hoffman card was easily worth the dollar that this pack cost.  He definitely looks better in Padre blue.  Let's check out the second pack.

Pack 2:

599 - Daniel Robinson & Clemente Nunez / Marlins
732 - Travis Buckley / Rockies
613 - Joel Adamson / Marlins
808 - Bret Boone "Coming Attraction" / Mariners
483 - Brian Griffiths / Marlins (Topps Gold)
782 - Dan Roman & Reynol Mendoza / Marlins

There's something that I kinda like about the dual player cards.  Each pack is supposed to have a Topps Gold card in it, although it seemed that it was rarely a player that was any good.  The theory holds up today as well.

636 - Tim Teufel / PADRES
699 - Chad Curtis / Angels
773 - Cliff Brantley / Phillies
414 - Juan Guerrero / Astros
646 - Rich Scheid / Astros
747 - Carl Willis / Twins
662 - Donovan Osborne / Cardinals
628 - Kelly Gruber / Blue Jays
724 - Guillermo Velasquez / PADRES

 Finally!  Some Padres!  Noticed that the Teufel card has a huge top border, wasn't cut too well.  And I made the same face as Guillermo when I pulled his card.  I don't remember Mr. Velasquez, although I have heard of him.  I think I just assumed that he played before I started following the Pads.  Guess I was wrong.

Overall, not the greatest packs, but the Hoffman card is sweet, and pulling two Padres in a pack never happens, so I'm okay that they're not big names.  I remember pulling a lot of Donovan Osbourne cards from '92-'93.  He was supposed to be a big gun, but never quite got it all together.  Was able to put together a decent career win/loss total (49-46).

The cards from this set have a special place in my heart, so it was cool to pick these up for so cheap.  I'll have a post later on why I like 'em so much.  For tomorrow, I'll post the packs of '84 Topps.  Until then...

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  1. J. Owens's first name was actually "Jayhawk". As a kid he was embarrassed by it and always went by just "J." After making the majors, he had a change of heart and wanted to respect and reflect his roots so he asked that he be called by his full name. I have no idea how I remember that.