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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pack Report: 1984 Topps

It's been surprising how much I've liked the 2012 Topps Archives.  I love the 1971 style of cards (still working on collecting all 50, so check out the wantlist and see if you can help a blogger out), and I also like the 1984 style of cards.  It may be just because I was born in '84, but they seem cool to me.

So when I was at the swap meet and I saw a bunch of old packs on sale, I had to see if they had any '84s.  You know, the original ones.

They did.  For only a buck-fifty.  I grabbed two packs.  One of them was packed strangely, but the cards turned out okay.  Here's what I pulled.

Pack 1:
32 - Bobby Ramos / Expos
528 - Mark Brouhard / Brewers
652 - Rudy May / Yankees
177 - Jerry Hairston / White Sox

A cool catcher to add to my backstop collection.  Cool to pull a Jerry Hairston a few days after being sent one from TTG.  Hairstons represent!

604 - John Lowenstein / Orioles
124 - Damaso Garcia / Blue Jays
566 - Jim Bibby / Pirates
292 - Tony Scott / Astros
All-Star Baseball Game Card (2 runs)
467 - Mike Ramsey / Cardinals
178 - Bill Krueger / A's
274 - Rick Monday / Dodgers
636 - Pat Putnam / Mariners
216 - White Sox Checklist / Fisk & Dotson
591 - Tony LaRussa / White Sox
166 - Jamie Nelson / Mariners

Tony LaRussa looks so... young?  I didn't know that he managed the Sox.  Digging the old Sox uni's.

All in all, a decent pack, but no Padres.  Still, a few that will make the "miscellaneous cards" binder.

Pack 2:
179 - Buck Martinez / Blue Jays
462 - Lee Lacy / Pirates
191 - Mike Boddicker / Orioles
463 - Dave Engle / Twins
510 - Alan Trammell / Tigers

Another catcher that I've never heard of, but will make it into the backstop binder.  Alan Trammell was a good player, and 1984 would be the year that he would help the Tigers beat the Padres in the World Series.

26 - Bud Black / Royals
173 - Marvell Wynne / Pirates

Two future Padres in a row!  Buddy looks good with the 'stache.  Maybe he needs to grow it again so the Padres can get back to their winning ways.  Or at least they'll look good doing it.  I just assumed that Marvell was an all-time Padre, but I guess he started with Pittsburgh, and he ended his career as a Cubbie.  I went to high school with Marvell Jr, who was a year or two behind me.  Didn't follow his father's footsteps to the MLB, but he currently plays soccer in the MLS, on the Colorado Rapids.

550 - Jim Rice / Red Sox
Hall of Famer.  Can't go wrong with that.

All-Star Baseball Game card (5 runs)
625 - Larry Gura / Royals
204 - Bobby Meacham / Yankees
492 - Tucker Ashford / Mets
451 - Bob Jones / Rangers
556 - Joey McLaughlin / Blue Jays
137 - 1983 ERA Leaders / Hammaker & Honeycutt
71 - Leo Hernandez / Orioles

For some reason, the first pack didn't have any gum with it, but the second one did.  After 28 years, it had broken into three pieces, and had left a mark on the back of the Leo Hernandez card.  Love the character that it gives the card.  The gum tasted weird, but I still feel okay... just kidding, I didn't eat it.

Well, no Padres, which is a bummer.  The only Pads I have from the set are Tony Gwynn and Terry Kennedy, so chances are that if I pulled one, I could have used it.  Oh well.  Still pretty cool to rip some old school wax.

By the way, anybody who entered my "Padres Sweep" giveaway last night, I edited the post and posted the results.

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