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Friday, June 29, 2012

My Last Pack of Archives

After working out a trade to pick up the last eight cards that I need to complete the 1971 set from this year's Archives (should be here next week), I found myself in the card aisle today thinking, "I don't need any more packs of Archives".  I should just walk away (or pick up a pack of Bowman, those Ice cards are really cool).

However, since I didn't know that the last one was the last one, I felt I needed to officially have closure with the set.  Since they came out, I kept on thinking that I could get lucky and pull a Wally Joyner or Will Clark auto (or Jim Abbott, John Olerud, Ken Griffey Jr., etc.) although, now looking on eBay, it looks like you might be able to pick up some of those for the price of a single pack.  Silly me.

Anyways, I was fully ready for disappointment after seeing two Yankees in a row, followed by a Dodger, when I saw this:

Is this as cool as it sounds?  Does anybody have an uncut sheet of cards?  How big is it, and how do you store/display it?

Enough questions.  Anyways, I feel like that was a good pack to end on.  There are still a few players from the set that I wouldn't mind having, but I'll have to rely on trades for those.

In the meantime, I'll go ahead and show my favorites that I pulled from all those packs of Archives I ripped.

These deckle-edges are pretty awesome.  Love the blue printed auto against the black and white photo.  Doesn't hurt that these are some pretty awesome players.

Two All-Stars.  Two awesome cards, although the Kinsler is almost the exact same picture used in this year's Heritage set.


  1. That is a really cool redemption. I think the only thing to with it is to frame it and display it.

    Congrats on an awesome pull!

  2. Nice hit!

    The dimensions of an uncut sheet can vary but the few I have are basically 3.5'X2.5' in size. Kind of like blowing up a regular card real big.

  3. Uncut sheet?? Awesome pull! Congrats!

  4. verrrrry nice. frame that bad boy. it's gonna look awesome when you show us in your post. congrats !