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Monday, June 4, 2012

Tinkers, Evers, etc.

Since the Cubbies swept the Pads last week, I thought I'd post a song by a musician that is a Cubs fan.  Sundowner is the acoustic side project of Chris McCaughan, the guitarist in the band The Lawrence Arms. The Lawrence Arms is a punk band from Chicago, IL, and Chris has written a few songs that are (kinda) about baseball.

The song here, "Baseball's Sad Lexicon" is actually more of a cover of the poem by the same name, written by Franklin Pierce Adams in 1910.  I had heard the poem before, but thought that it was just called "Tinker to Evers to Chance".  Zero points for originality, but 100 points for a song that I actually like about baseball.  Even if it's about the Cubs.  It's a live recording, and not as polished as on the album, but still good in my book.

The Padres current double play combo?  Not sure that Forsythe to Cabrera to Alonso has the same ring to it.

While we're at it, a big welcome back to Logan Forsythe, returning from the 60-day DL after breaking a bone in his foot in Spring Training.  Even though the Padres lost yesterday, Logan came back with a roar, going 2 for 3 with a triple and a double.  Mark Kotsay also got off the DL and added a double, although the Padres were shut out by Trevor Cahill and the rest of the D-Backs staff.

Posting the Cahill card from the 2012 Archives set as a reminder to anyone who is looking to deal any of the '71 versions of the Archives set (cards 51-100).  Ripped some wax this weekend, but didn't cross that many off the list, looking at 36% completion so far.  Check the trade list for any that you need and the want list for the ones that I still looking for.

Anyways, hopefully our guys coming off the DL will boost the offense in the series against the Gigantes coming up this week.  Good Monday to all!

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