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Monday, June 18, 2012

Twin City Rockers

One of my favorite bands is The Hold Steady.  For the uninitiated, they have a kind of bar-rock swagger, heavy influences from Springsteen, and a lot of their earlier songs have lyrics that border on spoken word (ok, it sounds much cooler than that).  For a good idea, check it out here.  Or here.  Or here.  The first video is just an image with audio, the second is a music video involving a couple of boxers, and the third is a live video from a show.

Anyways, the lead singer of the Hold Steady is Craig Finn.  Craig's from Minnesota, and as such, is a big Twins fan.  I don't think there are a whole lot of baseball fans that are also in rock bands, but as far as semi-popular bands go, I don't think there are many rockers who are bigger fans than Finn.  He teamed up with a band called The Baseball Project, who write songs exclusively about baseball (with song titles such as "Fernando", "Jackie's Lament", and "Panda and the Freak").

What I love most about the song is that it's not a "general baseball" song.  Instead, it's very specific, citing dates and dropping names, and pleading for a little respect for his hometown team.  I wish there was a Padre fan that was as awesome as a rocker as Craig Finn.

Since I rarely if ever showcase cards that aren't Padres, I thought I'd go ahead and post a bunch of Twins, since this may be their only shot to get on the blog.  If you're a team collector for the Twins, these and many more can be yours in exchange for some Friars, as perviously stated here.

Sweet image of Revere getting on his horse and tracking down a ball.
(Get it?  Revere getting on his horse... Revolutionary War reference?  Nevermind.)

1992 Pinnacle is my all time favorite set.  Seriously, how cool do these cards look?  As a kid, I always thought that Brian Harper had some cool cards.  Can't go wrong with Kirby Puckett, either.

The "Shades" inserts from '92 Pinnacle seemed really cool at the time, now they seem a little cheesy.  Chuck Knoblauch is apparently looking at himself swing.  Ron Washington, current Ranger manager, apparently used to wear a different kind of blue on his jersey.

In case you were wondering, throwing out the runner is an important skill to have as a catcher.

In 1992, the All-Star Fan Fest was in San Diego, and I remember I was at some little event where I got asked by a speaker what my favorite team was.  Of course, it was the Padres, but for some reason (I think it was because I had seen a sweet Twins shirt in the gift shop, and they didn't have any Padre ones in my size), I said it was the Twins.  My dad gave me a weird look, because it of course wasn't true, and the only Twins I could name were Puckett, Morris, and Harper.  Anyways, if anybody was there and they heard me say that, I was lying.  Not a bad team to root for, though, although they might be the only team that has a worse record than the Padres at the end of the year.

Started off with a 2012 Archives card of Joe Mauer in the 1971 style.  Once some eBay cards arrive, I'll be 68% done with this 50 card mini-set.  Check the want list to see if you can help a blogger out!  I bought a blaster and a rack pack on Saturday, and added ZERO new cards, so that was annoying.

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  1. love craig finn and the hold steady. sorry to have missed them at rock the garden last weekend.