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Monday, June 11, 2012

Music Monday: Hell's Bells

It seems like the last few trade packages/card pickups have involved the greatest National League closer of all time, so I thought this Music Monday would feature the entrance music for the one and only Trevor Hoffman.

I think I was pretty harsh on Trevor his last few years in San Diego.  Just when I thought he was washed up and said we should get rid of him, he'd go out and have a great year.  Then when I got nostalgic and said that I hoped he ended his career with the Pads, he goes to Milwaukee.  Either way, I count myself lucky to have witnessed a few of those 601 saves in person.

I can't remember many of the specifics of the last time I witnessed Trevor Time, but I remember who I was with.  My wife and I were home from college and visiting our families, and had decided to catch a game at Petco Park.  We chatted it up with some guys who were sitting in front of us, and found out that they were New Yorkers who were on a California baseball trip, and this was their first stop.

They were rooting for the Padres, but in the 8th inning, I noticed that they were cheering for every run that the other team was scoring.  The Pads were still ahead, but I had to ask him why they were cheering the other team.  Their answer was, "if the Padres are too far ahead, it won't be a save situation.  We want to be here to hear Hell's Bells."

So, we joined them, and as it turned out, the Padres lead dwindled from five to three, and the New Yorkers got their wish.  Looking back at how excited they were for Trevor Time made me realize how much I took him for granted.  Not every day a Hall of Famer pitches for your team.

Not really a huge AC/DC fan (although I know they'll make another appearance on a future Music Monday), but this song still gives me goosebumps.  I know that Mariano Rivera comes into the game to Metallica's Enter Sandman, but I still think Trevor has the edge in entrance music.  Anybody know of other closers/players that blast killer tunes when they come into the game?


  1. I am a huge AC DC fan and a big Trevor fan, when he wasn't pitching against the Giants. I had him on my keeper fantasy team for a number of years in a row. He is a deserving Hall of Famer and look forward to him getting in.

  2. Great story! A lot of people complain about watching a game or that it is boring but there is so much going on that there is always something to cheer for to make it fun.