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Sunday, June 17, 2012

¡Feliz Dia de los Padres!

Today is Father's Day, or as our Spanish-speaking friends say, "Dia de los Padres".  I hope today is a good day for the Padre in your life.  I already called mine, although, for someone as into cards as I am, you'd think I'd have remembered his... oh well, I'm a horrible son.

From a distance, all Padres might look the same, but each one of them is special and different in their own way.

Even if your Padre dresses weird in public, don't be embarrassed to be seen with him.

Sandy Alomar Sr. is the father of Sandy Jr. and Roberto.  Dad played 15 years with six different teams, manning the middle infield for most of it.  He only batted .241 with 13 homers for his career, but he must've been a pretty good coach for his kids.

Will and Scott's dads played in the pros as well.  Jerry Hairston Sr. played for 14 years, all but one of them with the White Sox.  He batted .258 for his career.  Max, Will's dad, played on four different teams during his twelve year career, hitting .241.  Will just surpassed his number of career hits.

Do I need to say anything about Tony's dad?  I don't think so!  Feel bad for Jr., having to share the same name as one of the all time greats.  Gotta be hard not to compare the two, although there really is no comparison.

I owe a lot of my interest in baseball to my dad.  He was my coach from T-Ball on up for many years.  I remember early Saturday morning, if we had the first game of the day, we'd go and practice early on the field, when nobody else was there.  A few times, when the Padres would go into extra innings, we'd race down to Jack Murphy Stadium and see if we could get into the game to see the end.  When we went on hikes with my scout troop, he'd help get my mind off the difficulty of it all by talking about "All-Time Padre" teams or "Best Current Former Padre Teams", etc.  We don't talk very much (my mom did enough for the both of us), but we always did stuff together.  I can't wait to do that with my own kids.

¡Feliz Dia de los Padres a todos!

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