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Friday, June 1, 2012


A few nights ago, I was getting the oil changed and wandered over to the store to kill some time.  This originally entailed getting a bottle of water and using the bathroom, and later came to include buying a pack of Topps Archives.

A few posts ago, I hinted that I was a little tired of all of the Archives posts.  From what I gathered, I didn't think that the set was for me, and I was totally prepared not to buy any.  Do I really need more new cards?  Especially when the set features ZERO current Padres?

Apparently, the answer is yes.

Although I originally justified the purchase as adding to the ever-growing TRADE LIST, it became more than that when I realized that I actually liked these cards.

I wouldn't say that it's a great set.  It's no 1992 Pinnacle.  But there are some things that I liked about it.  The first thing was this card.

It's probably my age, but most of my cards (and memories) of Nolan Ryan are as a Texas Ranger.  Or being the focus of Advil commercials.  That's why I love seeing cards from his Angels/Mets/Astros days.  I wouldn't say that this is the best card I've seen of the Rangers' president, but it's still a good one.

I also really like the cards from that mimic the 1971 set.  Those look sharp.  Would've been nice to pull one of a player that I actually like, but since the few I pulled are mostly Yankees and Red Sox, I'll post one of a relief legend, and another one that looks like it could've been shot at Peoria Field, where the Mariners and Padres do their Spring Training games.

I think I'll be collecting this part of the set, which is cards 51-100.  Check the want list if you feel charitable enough to want to help out.  After three packs, I've whittled it down to 44 cards, though a trade with a particular Cubs fan may trim it down a bit more.

If I was more articulate with a computer, I might show some images of my ideas for possible Padre additions to the "Fan Favorites" part of this set, but I'm slightly more proficient than your weird aunt who still uses a VCR and gets her news from the magazine stand at the check out line.  But if I was able to, I would make some cards that looked (originally) like these:

Ok, so I realize that "Fan Favorites" from San Diego are pretty few and far between.  These are some of the better cards from the '82, '89, '91, and '93 sets.  Out of the early 90's, '92 was actually my favorite set, but all of those are mysteriously missing, probably mouse food in my parents attic.  I still remember how stoked I was to pull a "gold card" of a Padre in '93, and one that was actually pretty good, at that!

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  1. It's funny you should mention Nolan Ryan. One of his cards was among a few non-Padres I threw in along with the, uh, Friars on cardboard that are headed your way...
    Oh, and I got your envelope today! Thanks; there were some great cards in there! I'm in the process of writing about it.