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Monday, May 21, 2012

Trade wth Royals and Randoms

Second trade post of the evening.  Watching the Thunder/Lakers game right now, hoping for a Thunder win to get the bitterness of the Padre loss out of my mouth.  Not a huge basketball fan, but the playoffs have some drama, and I if I had to choose a favorite team, it would be the Thunder.  Plus I always root against the Lake Show.  Westbrook is making some ridiculous shots right now.

Anyways, has anybody here ever done a trade with Royals and Randoms?  It was probably the easiest trade I have ever made.  It was almost too easy.  He uses zistle.com, which, if you didn't know, is like an online database that helps you keep track of the cards you have, the cards you want, and, well, put together all kinds of lists.

The dude is serious into the Royals, and it just so happened that he was in need of a lot of the 90s stuff that I happen to have so much of.  After checking to make sure I wasn't giving him any dupes, it was time for me to choose from his lists of trade bait.  It was almost like Christmas, only no weird sweaters from that obscure relative that you're just not quite sure about.

What did I get? Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out...

I really like the Jays uniform with the blue splatter outline.  This is only one of the few Fred's that were picked up here.  McGriff in two consecutive deals, not too shabby.  He also included a few Darin Erstad cards, which is an addition that I think I'll be making to the PC.  I love me some Erstad.  More on him in a later post.  Unfortunately, most of his playing days for the Halos were during that  "Angels in the Outfield" Disney-fied look to their logo.

There were about a dozen cards from 1990 Fleer, most of which were former/future Friars.  Not pictured: Ken Caminiti as an Astro, Dave Winfield as a Yankee, and Joe Carter as an Indian, to name a few.  I really like the 1990 Fleer set.  Very simple design, but I still like how it looks.  Not sure if I'm in the minority on that one.

More Fernando Mania for all you Dodger fans that are reading.  Even better than that, my first Dale Thayer card!  Thayer has taken over the closer responsibility with Huston Street on the DL.  Dude is locking it down.  Not that'd you recognize him from this card, the dude is currently rocking a pretty awesome old-timey mustache.  Thayer the Slayer!

Another Finley to add to the PC.  Very nice looking card here.

Anyways, way too much good stuff to post in one spot, I feel like I made out pretty well on this one.  Does anybody else use zistle?  I started to, but it took me a little more time than I wanted to spend updating it.  I can definitely see the merits of it though. Maybe someday.  In the meantime, I definitely think it makes trading easier, so anybody who's already on it, lemme know and I'll browse it and see what I might have to help you out.

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  1. http://royalsandrandoms.blogspot.com/2012/06/brayan-and-bryan.html

    Here's my half. Thanks again!
    -Josh D.