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Monday, May 21, 2012

Trade with The Troll

Okay, this will be the first of three trade posts, as I got three packages in the mail today.  It might make more sense to spread them out over a few days, but I have the feeling that things will get busy.  Only two more weeks left of school, and getting everything squared away and making sure that my 5th graders are ready to go to middle school will probably be consuming most of my time.  I love teaching, but it feels good to be done with another school year... although I'm doing summer school as well, which starts almost immediately after, so not much of a break.


I didn't really consider this to be a "trade" per se with the Troll, because when I sent him a package of a few of his Heritage needs, I hadn't started the blog, I was just a reader.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when, in one of his posts, he listed my zip code among the ones that would be receiving packages soon.  It came today.

It was huge.

Should've taken a picture of it, but the contents have already been divided up.

I thought to myself, "How many cards are in here?  Is there going to be enough room for me to store these?  Am I even going to want all these cards?

Turns out that I don't.  And they weren't actually for me.

They were for my 5th graders.

What a thoughtful guy, huh?  He remembered that I said that I passed them out in my class, and he decided to give me a bunch of his 2010-2011 Topps duplicates.  A good thing, too, because with all the team lots I've been dealing, the ones I've been giving away in class have been looking pretty junky...  They'll be stoked.  I have a big Cardinals fan and a big Royals fan, and they'll be happy to get some of the "shiny ones".  I also skimmed a few present and former Padres, etc. off of that stack for the personal stash.

Well, that was really nice, but really?  Stuff for my kids?  Nothing for me?  C'mon man, don't tease me like that!

But the Troll isn't that guy.  He had a little surprise for me.  And then a big surprise.

The little surprise?  Padre minis!  Venable, Young, a couple of Peavys, and Kouzmanoff (!).

The big surprise?  A "Masters of the Game" 3.5" x 5" card from 1993 Donruss!  I had never even heard of this, but it is awesome!  Apparently there were 16 you could collect, including Sheffield (another  Padre!), Ripken, Sandberg, Griffey, Yount, and Ryan.

Was all this worth a few Heritage cards?  Most definitely.

He's about 70% of the way through the Heritage set, if you have some to send him, hook him up.  He's obviously a great guy (I have a few that I'll be sending to him soon, along with some other Rays goodness that he might be in need of).

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