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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trade with Potch, Part Deux...

Man oh man.  Potch comes through again with a load of Padres, as well as some cards for my player collections.  If you're looking for someone to make a trade with, I can't imagine finding someone as awesome as Potch.  I feel bad, because I won't be able to send out his load of cards until sometime next week.  I can only promise him that it'll be worth it, with some GQ and Bowman to add to his collection, among other things.

Anyways, on to the goodness that came my way this morning...

There was a point in my life when I had this card.  Don't know where that one went, but glad to have this one now.  Good shot of Fred.  Hall of Famer?  I think so.  I had seen pictures of the Upper Deck "X" cards before, but I didn't know that they were die-cut.  That's pretty cool.  Love the throw-back uniform as well.

This Eckstein (along with a Torrealba, Tekotte, Hudson, and Correia) gets me closer to completing the 2011 team set.  Still need about 11, which still seems like a lot!  Great shot of David, though.  Mark Reynolds looks as tall as Eck is, and he is sliding on the ground.  Gotta love Eckstein, he's a hustler.  Don't miss those uniforms, though.

This is a mini-card, something I've only pulled from Topps products since getting back into the hobby.  How long have they been doing mini-cards?  I think I remember seeing them as a kid, but was worried that I'd lose them because of their size.  I still think I might lose them.

Of course, there's more, but I wanted to do individual posts with them, so look for those later.  My next few GWYNNsdays will be Potch cards, he's been loading me up.  Thanks for the deal!  Sorry for not being able to get those of to you in a timely fashion, it couldn't be helped.

Good luck to the Padres tonight as they face off agains the Phillies.  Hopes are high, but expectations are low... they (along with a bunch of other teams) seem to have our number.  We did manage a win last time Halladay pitched, and Volquez is our hottest pitcher, so that's going in our favor.

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