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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trade with Night Owl

Night Owl is one of the best baseball card blogs that I've come across.  Since Greg is a Dodger fan, it's hard for me to say that.  Fortunately, being division rivals has its perks, since there isn't a lot of overlap in the cards that we're interested in.

Night Owl took me up on my offer to exchange base cards of a team that you follow for the Padres that you don't need.  That offer still stands for about half of the National League teams, and I'll be posting the American League teams sometime this weekend.  I also sent over some Gypsy Queen he had on his want list, as well as some of the Bowman that I have on my trade list.  Overall, a bunch of cards.  He sent over the goods as well, as I should have expected.  Without further ado, here's the loot...

I like these Upper Deck Masterpieces.  Potch sent me a Greg Maddux card from the same set in my first trade with him.  Love the style of these cards.
2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #75

Another good looking Gwynn to add to the collection, an O-Pee-Chee Premier from 1992.  I have a bunch of Finley's, but not as many in a Padre uniform as I would like.  He was my favorite player growing up, so glad to have this one.

These Goudey cards look pretty cool.  I don't have as many Hoffman cards as a die-hard Padre fan should have.  Apparently they knew that he was playing for the Brewers before they made the card, but not soon enough to get a picture of it.  Props for not just air-brushing it, although this isn't a "traditional" straight-up photo of Trevor.
2009 Goudey #168

Just did a post on Raul a few days ago, and now he shows up here.  I wonder how many other Casanova Padre cards there are...  He was also kind enough to send some sweet Padres vintage.  There are some people who aren't fans of the brown and yellow.  I am not one of those people.  This is an awesome moustache and an even more awesome uniform.

I love these team cards.  More interesting that the huge picture of the whole team, where you can't even tell the players apart because they're so far away.
1989 Topps #231

The best of this group (of over 100 cards).  Chase's first year Bowman card, hand signed in red pen.  Now I have it on a ball and on a card.  Thanks for including this one, Greg!  Love it.

Overall, very satisfied with this deal.  Added three Gwynn's and a Finley to the collection.  Got a ton of Padres and a Chase Headley auto.  Tough to beat that!  Would've been nice to top it off with a Friar victory, but right now it's 7-0 in the top of the 8th against LA.

Anyways, thanks Greg, for making the deal.  Sorry to everyone for the overload of posts today, but my wife and daughter had flu-like symptoms last night, so I called in and said that I needed to stay home today.  They're feeling better now, especially my 15-month old, who was happy and smiling when she woke up.  I just had a lot of time on my hands while they were both sleeping, and this is what I did.


  1. Just came over here from checking out the Dodger game!

    Glad it worked out so well (both the trade and the game!)

  2. Are you sure that Padres leader card isn't really just a Gary Carter card? No idea who the Padre is but The Kid is recognizable.

    1. I believe that's a card with two Hall of Famers on it; Roberto Alomar and The Kid. But, yeah, I think Carter stole the shot.