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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trade with Lost Collector

Last trade post (for the day, anyways).  There's a reason this one was saved for last.  The Lost Collector is a Yankees fan.  This was a pretty simple trade, a few Yankees from the 2012 Bowman and Heritage sets for some Padres

Nothing major.

Just a small handful of cards.

I thought.

Then I saw this.

I could end it right there.  Maybe I should.

I will go ahead and say this card is awesome and I love it.  So glad to see that Heath is starting to show some signs of improvement after really struggling out of the gate.  I don't know what I said or sent to AJ (or it could just be that he's an awesome fellow) that made him decide to include this card, but I'm super stoked that he did.  There were some other sweet Padres that came with this one, including some other good-looking 2011 Heath Bell cards and some of my 2012 Heritage needs.  But I can't stop looking at this one.

Just so that this isn't a one card trade post, I'll go ahead and show another Konerko that I got, because he was in all three trades that came through today.  And it's pretty sweet.  Mini!
Great trade AJ!  Hope you enjoy those Yankees!

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