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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trade with James

James, aka "Chunter", took me up on my offer to exchange Padres cards for a team that he actually liked: the Braves.  Hopefully sometime today, I'll have the teams from the American League posted and ready for people to claim, if they so desire.  I caught the bug that my wife and daughter had, so yesterday/last night I was pretty much out of commission.  Feeling better today.  Lost a quick four pounds, but can't say that I'd recommend the method.

Anyways, here's some of what was sent...

Some McGriff-age to add to the collection.  Thankfully he didn't send any in a Braves uniform.  It still hurts every time I see that. 

A classy team checklist from Upper Deck.  Gotta love the artwork, Benito is awesome.

A-Gone wearing a throwback uni.  Couldn't help but notice that the batting helmet doesn't really match the rest of the "ensemble".  Somebody call the fashion police!  It really bums me out that Tim Flannery is coaching for the Giants now.  I know that coaches kinda go in package deals with the manager, but did he really have to follow Bochy up to SF?  Anyways, love this.  How many baseball cards have surfboards in them?  Anybody?

To top it off, he sent what is now my first relic card.  Marcus Giles came over to San Diego from Atlanta.  I guess they didn't airbrush the picture because you can't airbrush the jersey swatch.

Anyways, not a bad return for getting rid of a bunch of Braves!  Hope everybody is having a great weekend and getting stuff done.  Or at least watching some baseball.


  1. Klesko had a surfboard card; I think it was when he was still with the Braves. I'll look for it...

  2. A-ha! Here it is: http://baseballdimebox.blogspot.com/2012/03/dime-box-heroes-surfin-usa.html

    1. Wow! From before he was in San Diego! Impressive find. Hey, I have some Padres I need to send you, email me your address. backstop.cards at gmail dot com.

    2. Whoops; I thought I already emailed you!

  3. Thanks for the trade! Lookin forward to the next one!