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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trade with All Trade Bait, All The Time

I know, I know, another trade post.  What can I say?  I feel like I've released a bunch of carrier pigeons to deliver messages around the blogosphere, and now they're returning to me with good news.

Ok, strange bird analogy aside, this was a trade that I was licking my chops for.  Oscar from All Trade Bait, All The Time contacted me about some of the Gypsy Queen cards that I had on my trade list.  Novel idea, right?  Ya'll should check it out, too.  Have a bunch of 2012 Heritage and Bowman, plus some boring old Topps from '12-'11.  And for 1992 aficionados like me, there's some cards from that era as well.

Anyways, long story boring, I had what he wanted, he had what I wanted, bada bing, bada boom - it's done!  I think this was delayed a little bit because when I got the package, it was enclosed in a separate, clear envelope, and the main package was covered in ink.  On the back of the envelope was a note from the Post Office, saying that the package had been damaged while it was being processed, and they were sorry.  Luckily, the goods were unharmed.  Don't believe me?  Check it out...

Konerko, in all his GQ greatness.  Having an unsurprisingly stellar year again.

This is the third trade package where I've gotten the Upper Deck Masterpieces.  A good trend.  Oh, Jake.  Such a good pitcher.  So many injuries.  Doing pretty well for the White Sox this year, though.

Benito seems to have a monopoly on all the coolest images for Padre cards.  This one is no exception.

ATBATT definitely had the package with the most Gwynns (six), which was awesome.  I'd post them all, but I'm going to spread them out for the next few GWYNNsdays.  There's one in particular that holds a special, sentimental place in my heart that might now be my favorite Gwynn card.  Can't wait to show that one.

Overall, great trade.  I need to go out and buy some pages, my Padres supply is getting out of hand.  I've had worse problems.

Oh, but for reals, check out the trade list.  Let's make it happen.

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  1. wow ! i'm glad those gwynn's stayed safe.

    you're right about those santiago cards. glad we got that trade in the books. as i posted the other day, it's my favorite part of blogging.

    i definitely need to replenish my padres supply so we can get the next trade going.