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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tony, Toni, Tone GWYNNsday!

There are a few players that I collect, all for various reasons.  Some are difficult because there is a limited number of cards, so they're tougher to find.

This is not an issue for Tony Gwynn.

I think right now, I have about 70 or so Gwynn's in my Personal Collection.  I have to think that the actual number of Anthony Keith cards is a pretty freakishly high number, due to the number of non-base or insert cards that he's in.  He has a lot of accomplishments, it can be daunting to make sure that he gets his due.

Apparently, in 1999, Upper Deck  Topps decided to celebrate every possible achievement.  These are all different cards.  By different, I don't mean that the player is different.  I don't mean that the picture is different.  I don't even mean that the number on the back of the card is different.  They are all identical... except for the caption on the front and the write up on the back.

Despite being the most un-original set of cards (c'mon, really?  Note even a good picture of the Bat Man), it is cool to see all the different things Tony is being recognized for.  I know I'm biased, but he should really be in more sets that are recognizing former players (although I'm sure you Dodger fans will be clamoring for more Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax cards, since there's only a kajillion of those in this year's sets already).

Anyways, these cards were given to me from the dude at Play at the Plate, in exchange for some Ranger's that I'll be sending out today.  He also sent me a killer game-used jersey card from the Gwynnster that I'll post in my "Personal Collection" page, as well as some other sweet Padre cards.  That relic is a pretty sweet card.

Oh, I'm sending out cards to the following zip codes this afternoon: 48614, 75201, 34270, 92688, 25504, 11426, and 91306.  I need to send the Mariners and Phillies team sets, but I'm still waiting to get those addresses.  Sorry for the delay in getting all of those out, things have been piling up.

Anyways, a great GWYNNsday to all of you in the blogosphere.  5th grade graduation is tomorrow, and then this school year is in the books.  A short-lived break, since the summer school kids are in class on that following Tuesday.


  1. Those are Topps cards! Glad you liked the package!

    1. Unlike some bloggers, I don't get weighed down by these so called "facts". It's not like it's written on the front of the... oh wait.

      Thanks for the heads up! And for sending the most Upper Deck-looking Topps cards ever.