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Sunday, May 27, 2012

This Is Not An Archives Post

I'll admit, seeing the packs of Archives intrigued me the last time I was out shopping.  Even though I know there's not that many Padres in the set (c'mon, we've had a few decent players!), and not really a whole lot of players that I'm interested in.  There's just something about ripping wax that I enjoy.  However, reading the reviews on a ton of blogs, coupled with my current financial situation, led me to abstain from the Archives... for now, anyways.

But it got me thinking about my favorite set so far this year.  The one that got me re-hooked on collecting.  The one that... man, trying to think of the third thing to say... Well, the one that just puts (in my opinion) the rest of them to shame...

Topps Heritage!

What?  Have you even thought about that one recently?  It came out ages ago (March 14) and most people already have two complete sets with all the short-print-image-swapped-floating-head-relics.  Why are you wasting my time writing about old news?

Well, I just think it's awesome.

I'm more of a "team" collector than a "set" collector, so ripping wax is pretty much a waste of time/money.  But there's something about this set that I couldn't get enough of.  I have a binder of Non-Padres that has a few dedicated pages to my favorite '12 Heritage cards.  Wether it was the player, the picture, or the design, there was just something about these cards that I loved.  Here's a few of them.

I liked these "All-Star Rookies" as well.  I'm slowly amassing a small Hellickson collection, and he's got some sweet looking cards.  Arencibia is also a catcher that I wouldn't mind having on my team, and the blue in the border looks great with the uniform and background.

The Rangers had some good looking cards as well.  These seem like basically the same pose/shot, but something about the red/white/blue with the cloudy background, looking ahead (possibly towards that elusive World Series title) just screams "classic".

I didn't think that I'd like the floating heads, but I ended up collecting most of them.  I like this one because they were all from the same team.  The black border cards, which I picked up from Target, looked really cool (are you tired of me saying "really cool" yet?  I need to bust out a nerd-thesaurus).  Apparently changing the border is a plus.  The Castro looks good, regardless.

Topps has had some junky looking inserts so far ("Golden"-everything from the main set, anyone?), but I loved the "Then/Now" cards.  I got this one, plus a Kershaw/Koufax (already traded) and a Marichal/Shields (keeping).  Cool to see Killebrew represented.  My dad went to his house when he was a kid.

Overall, it seemed like the best cards were ones that had blue in the uniform (Rangers, Blue Jays, Cubs). The Padres didn't look great, but still pretty good (and better than the main set), plus I think this was the first one to have Yonder Alonso in a Padres uniform.  If I was a little more obsessive (and had a little more cash), I might go after this set (stupid high number SPs notwithstanding!).  As it is, I'm okay with collecting just the Padres, Rangers, and White Sox, along with a small handful of players that I feel like holding on to.

Anyways, hope everybody is having a great Memorial Day weekend!  Thank a veteran!
Jerry Coleman, Yankee infielder, Padres announcer, Korean War and World War II veteran, and hero of mine.  I know it's not Veteran's Day, but do we really need an excuse to thank our servicemen and women?

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