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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Team Collectors: Up for Grabs

So, as I was perusing the different card blogs that I've stumbled across in the past few weeks, I got to thinking about what I was looking for.  Did I want details about random players that I'd never heard of?  Did I want analysis of different sets of cards?  Did I want cool pictures of cool cards?  Did I want to listen to people complain about Bryce Harper?

Well, I guess that's what I like about this hobby; everybody has their own interests, and wants to share them.  If one person doesn't interest you, there's usually somebody else like you that you can find.

The blogs that I gravitate to the most, I think, are the ones where the author is a fan of a particular team.  Even though I'm not a Reds fan, I like reading about how frustrated they are with Drew Stubbs after they pull one of his cards, or get excited about that last Barry Larkin card they were chasing.  I smile when a Rays fan is going crazy after a Carlos Pena homer or writing about the Evan Longoria parallel they just had sent to them.  People celebrating their love of baseball, but more specifically, the love they have for their team.

After receiving my trade package from Potch, I realized that he doesn't care about the Padres as much as I do.  It's easy to get excited about a Hall of Famer like Tony Gwynn, but what about Jody Reed?  Or Ed Whitson?  Or Marvell Wynne?  It takes a true fan of the Padres to appreciate those players and those cards.

And guess what?  I have a ton of cards that I don't really care about!  Players that might have a lot in common with Whitson and Wynne, but that played for different teams.  But there must be somebody out there that would want them.

Now, I could sell them on eBay for a few cents and lose money on shipping, because the cards that I have aren't worth that much money.  Sure, there are a few All-Stars in the bunch, but there's no chrome/relic/autographs in this group.  They're mostly from when I was a kid, from the late 80s to the mid 90s.

So here's my offer.  I've divided a bunch of my cards (not all of them; I'm not crazy) into teams, and I'm willing to make a deal: the team of your choice, for an equal/close to equal number of Padres.  Sounds fair, right?

"But hey dude, I don't really have any Padres, because... who collects the Padres?  Are they even a major league team?  Why don't you invest your interest in a team that actually wins games once in a while?"  Well guess, what?  Even though you've insulted my team with that snotty comment, I'll still give you half of the cards of the team of your choice.  All you have to do is tell somebody about the blog; your dog, the gas station attendant, your jerky boss, etc.  I won't even check up with you, I'll take your word for it.

So here goes nothin'.  Claim 'em in the comments section.  One team per person, unless you're willing to part with a bunch of Friars.  I organized all of the National League teams today, I'll post up the American League teams later on in the week.  Already triple checked the teams, so there shouldn't be any dupes here.

Rockies: 35
Giants: 80
Dodgers: 134 Night Owl
Astros: 75
Pirates: 75
Cubs: 125 Once A Cub
Reds: 80 Potch
Brewers: 75
Cardinals: 65
Expos: 100
Mets: 70
Braves: 50 Chunter
Phillies: 85
Marlins: 30
Padres: 15 Friars On Cardboard

Once again, if you want 'em all, claim 'em and send me some Padres.  If you don't have any Padres, you can claim them anyways, just tell somebody about the blog and you'll get half of them (I'll make sure they're the best of that team).

Also, if you claim a team and want any of the base set cards from the sets on my trade list, let me know and I'll throw those into the mix.  Trying to get some good karma, help out my fellow bloggers, and make some room in the closet.  I'll wait until there's a few people who claim them before I ship them off, so I'm not making extra trips to the Post Office.  Any questions, let me know!


  1. lol...after checking my padres pile, seems our last trade just about depleted all my padres. leaving the dodgers for the other guys - you know who you are - the usual suspects. have at em, boys.

    1. sending off your cards today, throwing in some of the Dodger dupes. not surprised that they're the first ones off the board.

  2. I have loads of Padres for you. And, yeah, I'm one of those other Dodger guys.

  3. I'll take the Padres and give you a slew of Padres in exchange.

    1. sweet! email me your address and i'll get those off!


  4. I'm interested in the Braves! An email is on the way!

    P.S. Why do the Expos never get any love-100 cards? That's the most of any non-Padres rival! :)