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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Team Collectors: Up For Grabs, Part Deux

A few weeks ago, I posted a few team lots of some National League teams and said that I'd be willing to part with them in exchange for a semi-similar number of Padre cards.  I had a few takers, and cleared out some cards that I didn't want and made room for a few more stacks of Friars.  Now it's time for the American League teams.

I've already shipped off/saved a few stacks of cards for certain teams, and others have been otherwise claimed, but these are the teams that are left, both NL & AL.

Athletics - 97
Angels - 94
White Sox - 88
Twins - 138
Royals - 37
Orioles - 121
Blue Jays - 34
Red Sox - 85

Giants - 97
Pirates - 109
Marlins - 35
Expos - 115

As I said in that post, most of these are "junk wax" era cards, from the late 80s to the mid 90s.  But junk wax seems like it has such a negative connotation, no?  That's when I was growing up, so I love those cards, but mostly just the Padre cards, so I'm okay with getting these out.  I already sent a stack of Indians to David at Tribecards, and he seemed pretty satisfied with the haul.

As I also said in the previous post, you might say something like, "Dude, I burned all of my old Padres cards because they are more valuable as a heat source than they are as collectors items."  Well, that's okay.  All you have to do is tell somebody about this blog, and then claim a team, and I'll give you half of those team's cards.  Gratis.

Also, as a bonus, I'll probably throw in some/most of the cards from that team that are on my trade list, mostly stuff from this year's Bowman and Heritage, as well as some cards from '92 Pinnacle/Fleer Ultra/Topps Stadium Club.

Anyways, if you want 'em or if you've got questions, claim 'em in the comments or email me.

Oh, also I bought a pack of Bowman and pulled this card.

My first ever autograph pull... and it's a Dodger... Ug.
Obviously, this will be added to the trade list as well.
Anybody with a card like this as a Padre?


  1. Hey,
    I'm new to your blog and like what I see. I would be interested in your Mets and Yankees. I should have a bunch of padres I can send off for you. I will do some digging this week.

  2. I'm interested in the Webster auto. I have a Cashner and Volquez auto if you're interested.


  3. I can take the Phillies off your hands....I'm not sure what I have in the Padres section, but I'll look.

  4. BA Benny and Dan, I'll go ahead and package those up for you in a bit, email me your addresses! Yanks, Mets, and Phils are off the board.

  5. As the header on my blog says I'm your home for all your unwanted Mariners cards. Sign me up and I'm sure Incan come up with some good Friars cards for you.

    1. The M's are yours! Off the board!

    2. Packaging everything up, and realized that I don't have your address or your email! Heading to the post office on Wednesday, if I can get your address by Wednesday afternoon, you'll have those soon.