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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

World Series Foes... No More

Now that they're both in the AL, it's no longer possible for Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols to be "World Series Foes", although being in the same division might dial the rivalry up a couple of notches.

One of these players has 14 home runs this season.  That same player hit four of them in the same game tonight.  The other one has 1 homer this season... and a couple of World Series rings.

I wonder what they were talking about then, and what they might be thinking right now...

There probably won't be a lot of Rangers updates on this blog (until the post-season at least), but since those are the games that I get on TV and the radio, I do follow them, somewhat.

Josh had a big night tonight...  five home runs in his last six at bats.

On a side note tomorrow is the last day to enter 30 Year Old Cardboard's contest.  Ten pretty sweet prizes, plus Tony Gwynn stuff!  On second thought, don't enter, that Gwynn needs to be mine.

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