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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


A couple of bummer days at work/home.  Tons of paperwork to finish for the end of the school year, and the house is a disaster.  Something might be wrong with the car.  The Padres getting swept by the Cubbies to become the sole owners of the worst record in the major leagues eliminated what could have been a silver lining.  Going 1-9 on the road trip, which included sweeps from the Cubs and the Cardinals was not what I was hoping for when they left.

What to do?  Post some sweet cards that came my way in the past few days.  First up, some eBay purchases... '76 Topps, each 25 cents, free shipping.

Next up, another card from Play At The Plate.  He already sent me the trio of Gwynn's that I posted about this morning, and I mentioned an awesome relic card that he sent.  This is it.


Last but not least, my favorite card of the moment:

This comes courtesy of Dodgerbobble, who's a fan of some team, not sure who.  Last week I pulled my first ever autograph, from 2012 Bowman.  Since it was a Dodger, I was willing to part with it.  This was the crown jewel of the trade.  He sent me SO MUCH great stuff, that I need to devote an entire post to it.  This will be done this week.  Probably.
So glad to make it to the post office this week.  Still didn't get the addresses for the Mariners and Phillies fans, but sent out the rest of the packages, seven in all (!).  Hope those all get to you safely.
There.  Feeling better already.


  1. Great stuff! Gotta love cards for a quarter with free shipping!
    Play at the Plate is pretty much the best blog to trade with-for real, but Dodgerbobble really hooked ya up too! Cheers! Go Pad-Rays!!!!

  2. Glad you like the cards! I'll be posting our trade this week as well.