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Friday, May 11, 2012

Padre Backstops: Raul Casanova

Raul Casanova.  With a name like that, gotta be a pretty smooth player, right?

Oh, you've never heard of Mr. Casanova?  Well, that's okay, because he never even played a game for the Padres, despite what this 1996 Upper Deck card may lead you to believe.

Chosen by the Mets in the 8th round of the 1990 draft, the Padres picked him up in a trade that sent Tony Fernandez to the Big Apple, and also brought them D.J. Dozier (yawn) and Wally Whitehurst (yay Wally!  Scrappy pitcher).

He bounced around the Pad's farm system for a few years, doing alright with the Waterloo Diamonds and the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes.  In 1994, he had his best season as a pro, batting .340 with 23 homers and 120 RBIs.  That was apparently good enough to get him traded to the Tigers after the 1995 season.

The trade itself was pretty boring, but it was awesome for the Padres because they finally got rid of Melvin Nieves, who was one of the most disappointing trade pickups of all time, (we got him in the FRED McGRIFF deal).

After the trade, he went on to play for the Tigers (142 games), Brewers (188 games), Orioles (2 games), White Sox (6 games, in 2005 no less, the year they won the World Series), Devil Rays (29 games), and Mets (20 games), from 1996 to 2008.

He ended his career with a .236 average, 130 RBIs, 35 homers, and 3 grand slams.  None of those with the Pad Squad.

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  1. I've looked at a lot of stat bios on Baseball Reference but this guy has the longest transaction list I think I've ever seen!

    I remember his dad Paul Casanova very well from his days with Washington and Atlanta in the 60's.