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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The 4th GWYNNsday in May

I've come across a lot of blogs that have different themed posts.  Some are cool, some are interesting, some are funny, some I just don't get.  I don't think that I'm creative enough to come up with very many of these.

But I love GWYNNsdays.

Simple, easy to accomplish, usually pretty short.  Plus, I have plenty of material (cards), so I don't forsee this one going anywhere.

This is from the 1988 Fleer set, card #631.  Rock Raines won his only Silver Slugger in the American League in 1986.  That year, Tony won his second, and also won it the following year.  The next year, this card was made.

I wonder if this pose was shot to deliberately put on a card, or if they actually were friendly.  I would think that this was taken during the All-Star game warmups, seeing as how I don't think opposing players often come together in uniform for hugs.  It seems like Gwynn is looking more into the camera than Raines is, but maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see.

Gwynn would go on to win four more after that on in '87.  And go on to the Hall of Fame.  Raines was denied entrance on the last ballot, though I don't understand why.  He was a little before my time, but he seems like he should be in, eventually.

Recently heard that Tony was looking to be the "Magic Johnson" (face of the ownership group) for some owners looking to buy the Padres.  That would be very cool.  Can't wait til we have new ownership with some cash to pick up/retain some talent.

Good luck to the Pads tonight against the Cards.  Avoid the sweep!

Happy GWYNNsday, everybody!

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