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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GWYNNsday: Birthday Edition

Happy birthday to Tony!  On this date in 1960, the very first GWYNNsday occurred.  Ok, it was technically on a Monday, but it's possible that by the time Mrs. Gwynn recovered from birthing a hitting machine and left the hospital, that it was two days later, making it a Wednesday.  Or not.

Either way, happy 52nd Tony!

Speaking of birthdays and Mrs. Gwynn, this blogger happens to share the same birthday as Tony's mom, Vandella.  Tony hit his 2,000th and 3,000th hits on August 6th, and I thought he did it on those days because he knew that I was a huge fan.  Apparently that wasn't his only motivation.

Anyways, here's one of the Gwynn's that Potch sent me last week.  1990 Topps.  Digging the blue border and the young looking Tony.

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