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Thursday, May 17, 2012

CL 2 the DL... TJ?

I knew that Cory Luebke was on the DL (he's also on my fantasy team), but it seemed like the Padres kinda downplayed it, and I wanted so badly to believe that it wasn't serious.  Now, it appears that he has a tear in his UCL.  He will decide soon wether or not to rehab it and see if he can continue to pitch with the tear, or if he's going to require season ending Tommy John surgery.

Kyle Blanks and Dustin Moseley are gone for the year.  Logan Forsythe and Carlos Quentin haven't played a game this season.  Jeremy Hermida, Micah Owings, Huston Street, and Joe Wieland are all on the 60 or 15 day DL.  It's getting out of hand.  The Padres (reportedly) have the best minor league system in the majors, and I have a feeling that we'll be drawing from that talent pool frequently this season.

I remember when I saw that the Padres signed Jeff Suppan and thought "will there be a spot for him on the rotation?"  Apparently so.  On the bright side, he's been pitching pretty well, as has Edinson Volquez.  Hopefully they can continue to bring in guys that can help them win games.

As for Cory, to be honest, it doesn't seem like a difficult decision.  The Pads are not going to contend this year, so there should be no reason to risk further injury or lose more time.  In an interview on the Padres website, he said that "every day I miss now [without the surgery] is a day next season."  I havta believe that next season will be better than this season, so hopefully he takes care of himself and comes back strong and ready to rock in 2013.

Best of luck Cory, in whatever you decide to do!  Go Pads!

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