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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pack Report: Cards from 1992 - Topps Stadium Club, Part 2

A while back, I got a box of 1992 Stadium Club, and I decided to post about the best pack of the box of Series 3.  The cards weren't very randomized, as I noticed a pattern as I was opening them.  I'm pretty sure a few packs were almost identical.  This was undoubtedly the best pack of the box, one that eight-year old me would've been stoked to rip.

Knoblauch "Member's Choice" #601.  It is ridiculous how much better this card is than his base card in this same set.  I'll post that one later.

First Padre of the pack!  The rookie card on the back of this one is from the 1992 Topps set, minus the sweet 'stache that Tim is rocking in this picture.  Love the Pad's pinstripes as well.  #881.

In one of my high school Spanish classes, we got to choose Spanish names to go by for the whole year.  I chose Alejandro, after Alejandro Pena.  He threw a combined No-Hitter against the Padres in 1991, getting the save after Kent Mercker started and Mark Wohlers took over for him.  Obviously I wasn't happy that it happened against the Padres, but I did really like the name.  Was fun to say.  #833.

With all the things that the Wizard of Oz can do on the field, him sitting against a cinderblock wall seems  like a boring choice, but still a good shot of the Hall of Famer #680.  The rookie card on the back is from the 1979 Topps set, featuring the Padres yellow and brown and some sweet sideburns.

Speaking of awesome close-up shots of Hall of Famers, here's Mr. Padre himself!  This is one of my favorite Gwynn cards.  Always thought it would be cool to have shades like Tony.  #825.

Bunch of other nobodies in the pack as well, but two Hall of Famers, plus a Padre and a Member's Choice card?  Tough to beat.

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