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Monday, May 14, 2012

Pack Report: Cards from 1992 - Topps Stadium Club

Do you ever have things on eBay that you've saved as a search, even though it seems like they're never on there?  For me, it's boxes of cards from 1992.  I don't know why, but cards from that year hold a special place in my heart.  I think that was the beginning of my interest in baseball cards, so I really love those.  Of course, cards during the "junk wax" era don't have a lot of "monetary" value, so I thought it'd be easy to find a cheap box online, right?  Well, I must be super cheap, because everything I saw always seemed juuussst a touch too much.

Until last week, when I found a box of 1992 Topps Stadium Club, Series 3.  I was able to pick it up for $1.53, with $5.50 for shipping.  I've talked about how much I like the '92 Stadium Club here.  I figure that with a box of 36 packs, with 15 cards per pack, it's pretty certain that I'll complete the Series 3 set.  There aren't really any "hits", besides the "Member's Choice" cards, which all look pretty nice, so there won't be any real surprises as I open it up.

It's more the history of looking at the literal snapshot of baseball in 1992.  I can't imagine that there are many (if any) players still playing.  Since there are 900 (seriously?) cards in the TSC set, there are bound to be a ton of guys that I've never heard of.  More interestingly, there are some really awesome pictures on these cards, as well as some... interesting selections for cards.  I think over the next few days, I'll be posting some of the "best of" and "worst of" this set.  Well, at least the Series 3.

For a little taste, here's a few pics of the first pack I opened today.  Oh that sweet, sweet first pack...

First off, former Padre backstop, Mark Parent #623!  I like that the back shows their rookie card.  This would be as close as I get to pulling a Padre card in this pack.

Nolan Ryan, "Member's Choice" #605.  I already have this card, and it's one of the ones I treasured as a kid.  My grandpa was raised in the Ft. Worth area of Texas, so he taught me to be a big Nolan Ryan fan.  Love this card.

Gil Heredia #895 (Giants)

Up next, #676, Bill Pulsipher.  Can't tell what team he's on?  It's obviously a very trendy, fashionable beach softball league, where the players look stylish on and off the field.
Oh, nevermind.  He's a pitcher for the Mets.

Checklist #900.  Sweet.  Has the names of the Gwynn brothers (Tony and Chris) and future Padres Archi Cianfrocco and Jody Reed.

Kevin Seitzer #820 (Brewers)

Dick Schofield #738 (Mets)

This guy will help you win that scrabble game when you have 11 letters and your only vowels are i's and y's.  It's like his parents knew his last name would be unpronounceable, so they gave him an easy first name.  #748

Willie Blair #813 (Astros)

Duane Ward #781 (Blue Jays)

1992 Topps Stadium Club Membership offer.  Eight-year old me could only dream.

Probably the best picture of the whole pack.  Gotta love The Kid in his gear (RIP).  By my count, this would've been his 17th year in the league (his rookie card was in 1975).  #845.

Torey Lovullo #809 (Yankees)

Roger McDowell #804 (Dodgers)

Mike Gallego #627 (Yankees)

There is an extremely small handful of Dodger players that I like.  For almost all of them, their redeeming quality was that they also played for the Padres at some point in their career.  One of the exceptions was Tom Candiotti #875.  Knuckleballers rule.  
I think Raul Mondesi may be the only other exception.

Well, there you have it.  Pack #1 in the books.  Not too shabby, considering that it ended with two Yankees and two Dodgers.  This will probably be the only pack that I do this for, but I thought it'd be a good introduction to what'll be showing up here for the next few days, at least.  This is only the third box of cards I've ever bought (the other two were 1992 Fleer Ultra, at a swap meet, and 1992 Pinnacle, on eBay).  Every time I open a box like this, I think of how ballistic eight-year old me would be.  36 packs of baseball cards?  All at once?  After all this time, it still sounds pretty fun to me, too.


  1. I picked up a series 3, 1992, Topps Baseball card set this weekend for 11.80. Fun for me as well...

  2. I picked up a series 3, 1992, Topps Baseball card set this weekend for 11.80. Fun for me as well...