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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cards from 1992 - Topps Stadium Club: On The Back

As much as I love 1992 Topps Stadium Club, (and most of the Stadium Club offerings), I gotta say that the information that they have on the back is... unique, to say the least.

I love the picture of the rookie card.  The older the rookie card is, the cooler it looks.  Some of them just have that years Topps card from the main set, so it's a little less appealing.  But overall, I think it's cool, because it's almost like having two cards in one.

Even though the front of this Bip Roberts card shows him in a Reds uniform, on the back he is still a Padre, and looking good with the 1986 design.

On the flipside, you might end up with a card like this:


Just in case you were too lazy to look on the front, you had the exact same picture on the back.  Mike Walkden also looks like Paul Bunyan, marching out of a forest of trees.  Also, for a pitcher, I'm thinking that "Walkden" isn't a great name.  Gotta be careful with the bases loaded, last time he "Walkden" a run.


I also like the nice painted background of the baseball field.  Gives it a little color.  I usually prefer the player stats to show more than just one year, though.  Plus, it's about a size 1.5 font, so you can't really read them anyways.

Last but not least, "the grid".  For all batters (besides rookies, who don't have any previous stats), there is a grid that breaks down their hitting stats depending on where in the zone the pitch is thrown.  Eight-year old me didn't have a lot of use for this, but a few weeks ago, I was watching a special on the use of technology in the game.  It seems that the Rays are kind of the pioneers of this in today's game, and one of the things that caught my eye was a chart that looked very similar to "the grid" on the back of the '92 TSC cards.

For an explanation of what they are, here's a short novel you can read about it, in card-form.

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  1. I can't believe you got a box of this for less than 2 dollars. Pretty cool. Stadium Club is a pretty nice set.